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A Commercial Swing Set

How Commercial Swing Sets Benefit Your Need

If you are the head of a housing community, apartment complex, community center, school, church or any other organization a commercial playground will improve the overall outlook of your property. Benefiting by driving in more families or members, improving the mood of everyone around and loving spending time in your space! Let’s check out why a commercial swing set should be in your cards!

Commercial Playground For A Housing Community

When designing a housing community there is serval things you keep in mind to appeal to wide ranges of families so they move in such as should we have a pool, a gym, or even a spa for everyone to enjoy. Those amenities are great but don’t overlook a playground either! 

When a family is searching for a new home they keep in mind several things as well such as are the school districts good for their children, is there plenty of things to do around town, and most importantly is the area safe for their kids. Well implementing a commercial swing set right in the neighborhood is a great seller for families, but why? Well when parents can trust their kids will be in eye distance of them, be protected by their fellow neighbors, and in a close proximity of the house they are more likely to purchase in your neighborhood. Designing your own playground means more families will move in and spend more time enjoy your amenities!

Commercial Playgrounds for Schools

As kids sit in the classroom energy builds up and so does anticipation to breathe fresh air again. We can all be honest it is hard for kids, especially kids of a young age, to sit quietly in class listening to a teacher talk and present learning materials for long spans of time. That is why recess is so enjoyed by school aged kids! 

Having a custom playground built by your desired specs on the school grounds is a very important aspect to a school day. Let the kids expand that energy that built up in bunches during class time and bring the focus back in the classroom. Our commercial swing sets are very versatile meaning they can be implemented for younger children such as in an elementary school by adding hands on fun items. For older students such as middle school aged kids, include climber elements like rock walls to challenger their strengths and bring the fun out! 

A commercial swing set can also we used on the field days kids love to much! Play games like capture the flag on the playground or hide and seek. Perhaps do a scavenger hunt by making kids find elements of nature or hide objects, the sky is the limit. You can also add water elements kids will love such as a water slide adapter, water cannon or swing beam mister. This will bring the field days to a whole different level and kids will rave about what their school did! 

Commercial Playgrounds for Churches

Does your church have young children in the congregation that disrupt the pastors message or choir as they are singing? How about a Sunday school class full of energy filled children eager to release the fun? Well a commercial swing set is definitely a must for churches. 

The problem that faces many churches across the country is number of young people in their congregation, when we say young people we mean new families and children. They are the part of the congregation that will keep the church alive and going for years and years. Implementing a playground on the church grounds would be a huge step in the right direction. Families with children want a church that has a strong Sunday school. That means they want to enjoy the message the pastor is preaching without the distractions of their kids. Having a commercial playground lets the kids burn the energy they built up and eases the stress the parents will have after the message. Decorate the playground and incorporate bible training into the day!

The same goes for vacation bible school, if your church participates. Having vacation bible school at your church brings children from all over the county or state, many more than you are used to on a regular Sunday. Having a place, such as a playground, is great for the kids to regain focus and have fun while learning about the gospel! 

How To Design Commercial Playground Equipment

When you consider adding a playground or swing set to your property there is many aspects that go into the process. For one you need to determine how much room you are willing to sacrifice for the swing set to take up. That is why our 3d design center is very helpful to customers! It gives you the power to design based on the area you have and not exceed those limits! 

What makes a commercial swing set different than a regular swing set? Well in order to pass commercial code there is many requirements the playground must pass and to make this process easier for you as well as for us we have a in house playground inspector to ensure there is no hiccups in the design process! 

In order for you swing set to pass commercial code here are the necessary requirements:

  1. Railing height must be higher than standard
  2. No swings attached to the physical playground structure 
  3. No Rope Walls
  4. Ground Surfacing must have adequate padding (if applicable)

These are just the basics to get you started. For the railing height it is quite simple, any aspect of the structure that exceeds five feet or higher must have taller railing height for a safer play surface. For the swings, you will need a free standing swing beam. This means the swings itself will be a stand alone swing beam with 2 end ladders, not attached to the structure. You cannot have a tire swing or hammock swing attached to the towers, but you can have monkey bars attached just without swings! 

When we say no rope walls it is because ADA and ASTM requirements do not agree with the way most rope walls are strung. The rope on the rope wall is considered a dangerous aspect due to the risk of falling and hurting themselves. 

If you are adding playground surfacing such as rubber mulch or turf to your playground then number four applies to you. With the rules in place you must have adequate padding in certain area of the playground. For example on towers that do not exceed three foot high three to four inches of mulch is required. However on towers that are 4 feet and higher as well as standalone swing beams they can require as much as six to seven inches of mulch or turf padding!

Take these idea’s into consideration when you design a commercial playground or swing set and lift the outlook of your property. if you have further questions contact us below! 

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