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How to Have A Scavenger Hunt On Your Playground
How To Make A Scavenger Hunt On Your Playground


The best thing about a playground or swing set is the creative ideas that come along. Not only can you play games like capture the flag, tag, or red rover, but you can also have a scavenger hunt on your playground! Let’s go over some ideas on what you can have your children or neighborhood kids hunt for!

Be Creative

When coming up with ideas for them to hunt or be creative like you’d like your kids to have every day! Not only have them find pieces but have them find everything! Let’s discuss it!

Find A Flower

Have the children find a flower in the backyard! A rose, dandelion, Daylily, Pansy, and more! To make it even more challenging, choose a color for them to bring back on their adventure in the backyard!

Pine Cone or Pine Needle

Have them adventure far and wide searching for the elements you decide! A pine cone or needle is a simple hide-and-seek element that may be challenging or not, depending on your backyard!

A Rock

We all have a rock somewhere in the backyard, have the kids search for one. Possibly even a color such as a brown rock, which may be more challenging than any color but can be easy, considering the ground has no greens in it.

A Bug

Search for a bug! This one I would not eliminate down to a kind of bug. Maybe more challenging to capture and identify! We all have bugs in the backyard! So have the kids bring out their inner ranger and search far and wide!

Find A Worm

Dig and dig for a worm in the backyard. Have them irrigate the lawn while having fun! Have them laugh and scream simultaneously as the worm wiggles in their hand and escape being caught in the dirt!

Something Blue (Or a Color)

Have them find a color in the backyard! We wouldn’t suggest green for obvious reasons but choose a more challenging color like blue, red, purple, and so forth. Make them really search, so the game carries on!

A Weed

This could be positive for you, the parents. No need for a landscape company or a weekend picking weeds. Have them search for weeds; if you have enough children, it could be worth your while! Maybe narrow it down to one flower or size to make it slightly more challenging.

A Leaf

Have them pick up a leaf along their travels exploring the backyard! Pick a color such as brown, green or red. Maybe even pick a certain type of leaf to make it even more challenging!

Find A Feather

Have a lot of birds circling your house or a pond nearby? Drops feathers to your neighborhood? Have them find those and make them a color like white or black!

These are just a few ideas to start your scavenger hunt on your playground and backyard! Come up with more ideas along the way to keep them interested and guessing what they will find when they are outside! For more playing ideas, check out our other blog post “Games To Play On Your Backyard Playground“to really bring the fun to the backyard!


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