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Need Financing?

We Have You Covered To Complete Your Purchase!

We have partnered with a bank called Newfound Rentals that will take care of your financing needs! 

The process is very simple just download the required application, fill out the information needed and email us your completed application so we can turn it in for processing! 

Once your application is turned in, it usually takes a few minutes for it to be reviewed and a decision is made! If approved they can finance up to $100,000 meaning you have plenty of room to design the perfect swing set for your family.

We know you have more questions, so here is more information to answer those questions:

  • You can choose between a 5, 10 or 15 year payment plan with no pre payment penalty! 
  • There is no minimum credit score required! They will view your credit profile as a whole and evaluate your current situation.
  • The interest rate can be as low as 8.99% 
  • You must own the property the swing set will be delivered to
  • There will be a 3% application fee applied if you place an order. The fee will not apply if you do not get approved or if you do not place an order. 
  • A 10% deposit is required to start the financing. 


What information is required you may ask, very simple but let’s go over it! 

  • Mailing address and the address the swing set will be delivered to (if different)
  • Drivers License 
  • Social Security Number
  • Income Information
  • Employment Status


To get started, download the financing application and let’s get your family the perfect swing set to enjoy! 

Download The Application Below

Taking Playtime to New Heights

Our goal for each person, big or small is to play on our equipment without fear of getting hurt. We deliver strong, high quality products to ensure safety is priority #1. 

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high quality

Nationwide shipment & Installation - high res

Nationwide shipment
& Installation

6 year Warranty - high res

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