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Commercial Playground


When searching for a commercial playground for your school, church, community center, housing community, or much more! There are many options out there. We are going to highlight why a vinyl playground is better than a metal playground. Learn about the advantages and why going with us for a commercial playground is as simple as it gets!



A commercial playground is an investment, it makes your community, school, or church that much more special and accommodating. Metal playgrounds are very costly for what you will be getting, metal is an expensive building material making their prices higher than the rest. When it comes to vinyl, is more cost-efficient. For reference, a basic metal playground may cost on average around $35,000, in vinyl and the same playground will cost around $13,000. To gain more play area and fun on your playground, choose vinyl and save your budget for other areas of the playground, such as surfacing!


Able to Customize

The advantage of us is being able to build your own commercial playground! When compared to a metal playground, they are pre-designed and offer very little if not no customization. When searching for a playground, your space may be different than other customers. Being able to custom build is a great advantage, also you will have control over the price of your playground! Using the tools you can design a playground that does not exceed a certain width and length but also maximize the fun within your desired dimensions!



Vinyl playgrounds offer the safest play area in the industry. Made of vinyl sleeves over the wood leaving a smooth surface without the rough and rigid surface of the wood. In reference to the metal playgrounds, they are painted or powder coated, which leaves the concern for rough patches or even bumps that could hurt your children. Another key advantage is vinyl will stay cool to the touch even in the hottest climates with the sun baking, while metal will get hot and could potentially burn the children playing on it!


Why choose us?

We offer the easiest way to build a commercial playground, our 3d design center, allowing you to custom build the best playground for your school, church, community center, and more. Being able to customize will allow you to control your budget and not overspend on items you do not need and control the dimensions of your playground!

We also have an in-house certified inspector! So when designing your swing set our inspector will certify that you meet all the codes required by ASTM and ADA safety standards.

Unlike metal playgrounds, you purchase the playground for thousands and thousands of dollars, but then have to spend even more to have someone install the playground once it is shipped to you, not with us! Our install crew will deliver and install your custom playground at your location, taking the hassle of the process!

Looking for mulch? When seeing the savings by purchasing a vinyl commercial playground, you can also purchase our surfacing options! We will deliver and install your playground, mulch, weed guard, and border to your property. Our in-house inspector will meet ASTM and ADA safety standards for fall height, cushion, and more to have the safest play area possible! Not looking for mulch? We also do turf as a base for our playgrounds! Fixed with layers of padding, more in certain areas, based on the position of certain components of the playground to meet safety standards!

Find our pre-designed commercial playgrounds here, or go to our 3d design center to customize yours. We take the hassle out of the buying process, so think twice about a metal playground and search for vinyl!