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What Makes A Great Commercial Playground?
Great Commercial Playground


Is your community center, school, church, etc. looking for a great commercial playground for the kid’s to enjoy? Well let us help guide you on some of the elements to include on your playground to bring the fun front and center!


First Off, Why A Vinyl Playground?

When you drive down the road, or go to a community center, school or church, you typically see metal playgrounds. They have been primarily the only playground on the market that meets ASTM and ADA requirements, until recent years!

A vinyl playground offers many benefits over a metal playground, most importantly the cost! Compared to metal, a vinyl playground costs about 50-55% less, if not more! The nature of the vinyl playground’s and materials allow the price to be significantly lower!

Secondly a vinyl playground from us is customizable! Not everyone is going to want the same design and color scheme as everyone else or their allotted area won’t be the same as others resulting in having to go to a smaller metal playground and not getting exactly what you want! With our 3d design center you can create a great commercial playground for your setting and get exactly what you want!

Third reason is, a vinyl playground has more options to choose from than a traditional metal playground! When designing your own playground you want to integrate cool features that will keep the kid’s playing and entertained! We offer various options to choose from that will make everyone happy!


So What Should I Add to My Playground?

Let’s highlight some of the elements we suggest to add to your playground that will change the look and add fun elements the kid’s in your neighborhood or organization will love!


Add Bridges and Tunnel’s To Connect Your Playground

Whether you are looking for a small playground or a large one, a great commercial playground has more than one tower. Connecting them together mean’s you have options! We offer multiple styles of bridges and tunnels, let’s discuss!

For the bridges we offer traditional flat bridges or ones that change the height to accommodate a higher play deck, all with railings to meet commercial code requirements! We also offer different lengths and widths, choose one that fit’s your needs the best!

As for the tunnels we offer a straight traditional tunnel, a tunnel that changes the height, or a “S” tunnel that changes the depth of your playground. For the traditional tunnels we offer different lengths for customers who want to spread out the width of their playground!


A Playground Won’t Be Complete Without Swing’s

For the people not familiar with the commercial code requirements, it states that you are not allowed to have any attached swings to the physical structure of your playground. Which mean’s you have to do a free standing swing beam! A free standing swing beam is a stand alone structure that has 2 end braces instead of the traditional one as if it was connected to a tower! We offer them in a single swing beam or monkey bars! We also offer vinyl or metal swing frames, the most popular and cost efficient is the vinyl!


Build a Playground With Lot’s Of Slides

Slides are what makes a playground fun and attractive to kid’s! Feed their desires and add numerous slides to the playground. Keep in mind their will be more than one kid playing at a time! Kid’s like challenging each other by racing so add slides next to each other so they can compete who will reach the bottom first! Add slides like the tunnel express that is straight and let’s the kid’s build up speed as they rush towards the bottom!


So when searching for a great commercial playground consider vinyl! Cheaper for the budget and easily customizable to create the best playground for your community or organization! Be sure to check out our 3d design center to get started on building the best commercial playground!


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