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Play Set Surfacing

Premium & Hassle Free Playground Surfacing

Nothing completes playground equipment like the ground surfacing. But why do you need playground surfacing? Not only does playset ground surfacing help with safety but it also helps with the maintenance of the playground. We offer rubber mulch such as black un-dyed mulch as well as colored mulch in red, green, blue, or black. let’s go over the surfacing we offer more in depth! 

Rubber Mulch for Swing Sets

rubber mulch for swing sets

We Delivery & Install The Rubber Mulch With Swing Sets

The true meaning of hassle free is when you do not have to lift a finger or worry about anything, correct? Well here at Swing Set Nation we like to be a company that shows that true meaning of being hassle free. That is why we offer rubber mulch for playsets, but we do not just offer it, we also install it the same day we deliver your new playground! 

When you find or design the perfect playground for your family, let us know if you are interested in rubber mulch playground surfacing. From there we will quote out the amount of mulch, border, and weed barrier needed to complete your swing set in a fashion that is safe for your family! 

Swing Sets with Rubber Mulch and Border

When considering a swing set with rubber mulch you should also consider adding a border around it. Not only will this add to the overall appeal of your playground but also help with the maintaining of the play structure. The thing we all hate is having to cut the grass around something that is hard to cut around. When it comes to a playset with rubber mulch and border the problem goes away. You can easily run your grass cutter around the border getting almost ever blade. When you don’t have the mulch and border your have to constantly use the weed eater to trim inside the sand box, around the support posts and slides, causing a big headache. 

We Also Offer and Install Playground Turf

Turf for playgrounds is becoming more and more popular every year. While it is a more costly playset surfacing option, it does add to the overall appeal and maintenance factor of the play structure. Just as we do with our rubber mulch, we will deliver and install playground turf the same day!

When it comes to playground turf there is more “to do” when we lay it down than rubber mulch. First off you need a very level surface in order to keep the turf free of ripples and peeling up, we recommend a concrete slab. Now, we do recommend concrete but that does not mean it will be hard. When we install turf for swing sets we first lay down a cushion layer. The thickness of this layer is dependent on the height of that desired area. For commercial purposes, we have our in-house inspector certify it is correct!  

Watch Us Install Turf for a Commercial Playground

Explore Our Swing Set Border Options & Colors

Flex Wall Border
Cobblestone Colored Flex Wall Border
Graystone Colored Flex Wall Border
Sandstone Colored Flex Wall Border
swing set border
Standard Style Brown Playground Border

Taking Playtime to New Heights

Our goal for each person, big or small is to play on our equipment without fear of getting hurt. We deliver strong, high quality products to ensure safety is priority #1. 

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