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What makes a vinyl swing set better than wood?

A vinyl swing set offers minimal maintence and the upmost safety for your children! Reducing the chances of splinters and cut’s keeping your kid’s safe during play time! As well as offering great warranties that give you the peace of mind there will be minimal maintenance.

Our most popular roof top is the poly roof top as shown in the A-5 Deluxe swing set. The poly roof top also referred to as vinyl, compliments the vinyl and composite decking already on the swing set!

How long does a swing set installation take?

A typical swing set installaltion can take anywhere from two to eight hours, depending on how large the swing set is and the ground preperation made prior to delivery!

Can I do a custom color on my swing set?

Yes, we can do any custom color on your swing set you’d like! We have done pink, purple, turquios and more in the past!

How long does a vinyl swing set last?

Our vinyl swing set’s are backed by a twenty year warranty to ensure the upmost quality and long lasting fun! Like everything else the better you take care of it, the longer it will last!

What is a vinyl swing set made out of?

Our vinyl swing set’s are made of pressure treated lumber wrapped in thick vinyl with powder coated corner bracket’s and braces finished with composite decking. The safest play surfaces on the market!

What is the turn around from time of purchase to installation?

The lead time changes based on the time of year, typically in the spring our lead time can be upwards to 10-12 weeks while in the fall the lead time is typically 3-6 week’s.

Where can I custom design a swing set?

Here at Swing Set Nation we want to make the customizing process as easy as possible. Our 3d design center give’s you, the customer, the power to create, design, and order the perfect swing set for your family!

Where in the backyard should I put a swing set?

Choosing a spot in your yard for a swing set is tricky. To elminate algae and moisture build up, choose a place that get’s sun but also shade, but most importantly choose a level spot!

How often should I clean my vinyl swing set?

A vinyl swing set requires very minimal maintance, but we still recommend deep cleaning your swing set every 2-4 year’s and doing a spring cleaning which is a basic powerwash every spring/summer! Check out our blog post on how to clean your swing set!

What age should a child get a swing set?

We suggest the earlier the better, perhaps around 3 years old, a swing set helps your child grow, builds muscles, builds up their immune system, and expecially explore the outdoors! Check out our smaller swing set’s for your young ones or our blog post on why a toddler should have a swing set! 

Will a vinyl swing set hold it's value?

Yes, a vinyl swing set will hold value! When customer’s put their swing set on the market, most customers see at least half the original purchasing price if not more, in return!

What makes a vinyl swing set more than wood?

It comes down to the materials, a vinyl swing set is made, of course, a vinyl exterior but also of componets that resist rotting and decay! Such as composite decking, powder coated metal brackets, and poly braces, making the production cost more than a standard wood swing set!

Do you offer swing set kit's?

Yes, we offer swing set kit’s for the homeowner to install. You do receive a cheaper price than us installing, but it does require basic handyman experience! We recommend having our professional install crew deliver and install your swing set, we install nationwide!

Do you deliver and install nationwide?

Yes, we deliver and install our hand crafted swing set’s nationwide! Just like the buying process we strive to make the purchasing process as easy as possible so we take the installation headache away!

How do I incorporate water on my swing set?

We know the summer get’s scalding hot, so we offer way’s to stay cool! Incorporate a water cannon, waterslide adapter, or a swing beam mister to keep the fun rolling on the hot summer day’s!

What is the best surface for my swing set?

When it comes to surfacing, there are many options out there such as rubber mulch, wood mulch, turf, rubber tiles, and more! The most cost efficent options are wood mulch, and rubber mulch which we offer for all of our swing set’s!

Does your commercial playground's meet ASTM standards?

Yes they do! Whether you pick a pre-designed playground or create your own custom playground, our in house inspector will certify that your playground will meet ASTM safety standards!

Can I custom design a swing set?

With our 3D design center you have full control over your custom swingset! Being able to interchange componet’s plus add and subtract you can build the custom swing set or playground your family has always been wanting!

What color's can I get a swing set in?

We welcome all color combinations, but our standard colors for a backyard swing set are white/blue, white/green, white/gray, almond/green, almond/red, almond/red/yellow. These colors can be on any swing set you’d like!

Are the swing's interchangeable on my swing set?

Yes they are! Our swing set’s work with most swing’s on the market, the swing’s are attatched by stainless steel hook’s that allow the chain on the swing’s on be higher or lower, or interchanged!

Can the swing's be adjusted for my child's height?

Our swing’s feature the soft grip that cover the chain’s to a certain height to eleminate pinching. After the soft grip it is strictly stainless steel chain allowing you, the customer, to adjust the height of the desired swing higher or lower depending on your children’s height!

How tall is the average swng set?

A swing set’s height can vary depending on the height of the deck size. We offer a 3′, 5′, 7′, or 9′ deck height’s which means once you add a roof top to your swing set the height can be between 6 feet to 12 feet!

Can a vinyl swing set stand up to all weather climates?

A vinyl swing set is built to withstand heavy snow, rain, and heat. The maintanence free materials such as the vinyl, composite decking, poly accents, and powder coated metal make sure there is nothing to worry about for heavy snow and rain such as rotting, detiorating or fading. For the heat, our vinyl has UV inhibitors that resist the rays preventing fading. Also the vinyl and decking stay cool to the touch to resist burns!

How do I prepare my swing set for a severe storm?

Preparing your swing set is very simple considering when we deliver and install a swing set we anchor them firmly to the ground. First step is to remove the fabric roof tops, if you have any, to make sure there will be no tear’s or rips. Secondly remove the swings, this will prevent them from slapping into the swing set and causing damange marks. Lastly cover up your sandbox, and remove any toys that may be lingering around the play area!

What swing's are the best for older children?

For older children we suggest several! The web swing and surf swing are great for older children, they give your kid’s the ability to stand or sit while swinging backyard, testing their balance and muscles!

Do we offer surfacing option's for our swing set's?

Yes we do, we take the hassle out of every aspect when puchasing a swing set! We offer rubber mulch, wood mulch, and turf for a safety surface. For the border we offer a standard style timber border, a flex wall which replicates small landscaping stone, or lastly we offer plastic stone borders!

What ground preperation do I need before installation of a swing set?

Before you have your swing set installed, choose a level piece of ground in your backyard. This will help keep it secure in place and not rock when swinging. This will also help keep the playground level and actually keep your kid’s safer than a uneven play surface!

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