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How to Make A Swing Set Safe For Toddlers
How To Make A Swing Set Safe For Toddler's


When it comes to your precious ones, we know safety is key. That is why here at Swing Set Nation, we act as if it was our own little ones climbing on a swing set! We offer many options to keep your little ones safe while still being able to enjoy the outdoors and have fun while doing so. Let’s go over some of the safety features we suggest adding to make a safe swing set for toddlers!


Add Safe Slides

When considering a swing set, one of the key items that are highlighted on almost all of them is the slides. They are one of the elements that make a swing set enjoyable and exciting! Let’s go over some of the safety options when it comes to this category!

Enclosed Slides Keep Your Children Safe

An enclosed slide is exactly how it sounds, a slide that is essentially a tunnel with no way to exit while sliding down. It keeps your children safe as there is no chance of them jumping out. For example, your child starts to slide down and start building up speed, there is water down below and they only want to get wet. They use their quick thinking and decide to jump off risking the chances of hurting themselves in multiple ways.

Not with an enclosed slide, keeping the rider firmly inside the tube without a chance of escaping except for the bottom. Yes, we know there are questions such as, will there be screws or bolts that could cut them? No, on the inside of the slide is a smooth surface that will not harm your child in any way, shape, or form! So you can relax and rest assured that with an enclosed slide, your children will have the safest ride possible!


Avalanche Slide Is The Safest Open Slide

If you are set on having an open slide on your swing set, the avalanche slide is the best slide to keep your swing set safe for toddlers! The avalanche slide offers taller side walls and a deeper bottom to hold your kids firmly in place while exiting the bottom of the slide. The taller side walls also play an advantage as they double as handrails or grips to slow down and hold on!

The avalanche slide is also constructed with a double wall, meaning it can hold larger amounts of weight and stress to ensure your kids reach the bottom, safe and sound without a scratch. Made smooth and flat ensuring there are no rough patches to harm your child!


Implement Safe Entrance and Exit Points On Your Swing Set

One of the most important aspects to keep your children safe is how they will get onto and off your backyard swing set. Let’s go over some of the options you can add to ensure the safety of your children.


A Ramp Is The Easiest and Safest Access Option

Yes, a ramp is the best way to keep your children safe when they get onto a playground. Our ramps are constructed out of the same material as your swing set to ensure it does not rot or deteriorate, staying strong through the thousands of footsteps it will take on! On top of the building materials, we add one by one brace on the platform to ensure that in case their foot slips, it will also fall back onto the brace, so they do not slide all the way down injuring themselves.

Want to add extra protection? Choose to add a railing to your ramp instead of the rope to ensure they do not climb off the ramp and fall down, a safe option when it comes to your children!


An ADA Transfer Station

The ADA transfer station is simply steps that lead to a three-foot or five-foot tower. It’s named ADA which means it complies with national safety standards for swing sets and playgrounds. Adding this to your swing set will provide small but wide steps that allow your children to access your swing set with ease and without the fear of falling.

We offer two forms of the ADA transfer station, an “L” shape which gives tons of room for fun accessories, or a straight transfer station to a safe space. Equipped with handrails for added safety, this is the best way to create a safe entrance for your toddlers!


Incorporate Supportive Swings

What would a swing set be without swings? Add supportive swings that brace your children and keep them firmly in place so they do not fall or harm themselves.


Deluxe Baby Swing

The deluxe baby swing is the most popular baby swing we offer! This baby swing incorporates a backrest into your swing that makes sure your toddler won’t fall back or hurt their back. Supporting their bones while the smile comes aboard! In addition to the backrest, this swing comes with a belt buckle to ensure your toddler won’t be going anywhere as you push them back and forth!

All of our swings offer more protection than the ones big box stores offer. They all have soft grip chains, now what is a soft grip chain? It is a rubber sleeve that goes over the chains on the swings. Usually, a chain is exposed and runs all the way to the bottom of the swing, where it connects and holds it in place. The soft grip chains cover that up and protect your children from pinching their fingers, I mean who wants that, right?


The Adaptive Baby Swing, Keeping Your Toddler Firmly In Place

The adaptive baby swing is ADA compliant when it comes to safety. Looking similar to a seat on a roller coaster, this swing has a harness that fits over their shoulders and click-ins at the bottom. This swing is the safest baby swing on the market!


So when looking for a safe swing set for toddlers, consider these options. We have highlighted a few for you to consider to make sure you get the utmost safety for your little ones! Check out pre-designed swing sets here, or our 3d design center to custom build yours!


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