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Customize A Commercial Playground, Why Is It Important?
Customizing a commercial playground


When searching for a family center like a play structure, it is important to know your budget, wants, and needs! Let’s go over why being able to customize a commercial playground is ideal for every scenario!


Why a commercial swing set?

First, let’s go over why it is important. A playground or swing set is not only a gathering place, it is a place for families to come and relax, children to be free and run wild, as well as meet new friends and possibly neighbors. Bonding with friends and family is an important part of a kid’s childhood, growing their friendships and creating memories.

It is not only a place for parents to just take their kids for an hour, it helps at home as well. Eliminating stress within the household, classroom, or public setting, expanding that energy that children build up so quickly.


Why building your own playground is ideal

Now let’s go over why being able to build your own playground or swing set is the best. From being able to customize your budget, area, and elements!


Control your budget

Unlike the playgrounds you see advertised, they are pre-designed, have a set price, and offer very little to interchange. When considering a commercial swing set for your school, church, community, or more, you have a predetermined budget that you have set in place to not overspend. Being able to customize a commercial playground gives you the ability to get exactly what you want and how you want it. Unlike metal, vinyl is much cheaper and gives you the ability to get much more for your money!

Adding and subtracting elements to fit your budget lets you separate your needs from your wants to get the best for the kids! For example, if you need a ramp for easy access for smaller children then you can eliminate a ladder to save money and space.


Maximize your allotted space

Being able to control your area is key! Pre-designed swing sets are only fitted for that specific area, say you want more than what that swing set includes. Customizing your own playground gives all the power to the hands of the shopper! If your space is not perfectly square or goes at a weird angle, build accordingly. The 3d design center gives you live measurements of your swing set that constantly changes as soon as you interchange elements.


Design based on your wants and needs

The power is in your hands when designing. Include exactly what you want on your playground down to the color! Want a lot of slides for the kids to race down, including as many as you’d like. Want large towers? Choose from several styles and sizes to build your swing set from the ground up, the core of fun! Include items such as ships wheels, binoculars, telescope, tic tac toe, and more to empower the kid’s imagination and spark creative play between children!

Being able to customize a commercial playground is a great advantage, not only for you but for the kids that will be enjoying it! Check out our design center to gain the power of fun and see your creation come to life when our professional install crew assembles on-site!



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