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Best Budget Friendly Swing Sets On The Market
Best Budget Friendly Vinyl Swing Set's


We know not everyone’s budget is the same when looking for a luxury item like a swing set or playground. That is why we offer the option to build your own or consider our pre-designed budget-friendly swing sets that are sure to accommodate every kid’s wishes and unleash the power of backyard play!

Big Or Small Budget We Can Accommodate!

Whether your budget is large or small, we have plenty of options to choose from! Let’s go over some of the options to consider based on your budget!


A-1 Climber, Our Cheapest Swing Set

A-1 Climber, Budget Friendly Swing SetThe A-1 climber is a great swing set for your dollar! Boasting a great set-up that brings a great amount of fun for all ages!

This set features a 2×2 tower that saves room in the backyard. Attached to the tower is our budget-friendly slide, the waterfall slide, as well as an access ladder to reach the play deck area!

This set comes complete with a monkey bar swing beam, which attracts older children, as well as a belt swing, trapeze bar, and a deluxe baby swing for a family that has a wide age range of children! A great swing set for any backyard.


A-3 Deluxe, A Step Above

A-3 Deluxe, A Cost Efficient Swing SetThe A-3 Deluxe is essentially a step above the A-1 climber. Still providing ample amounts of fun for the family but saving your backyard budget!

This set starts with a 3×4 tower to add extra play space for your kids. Attached to the tower is the budget-friendly waterfall slide and an access ladder to reach the play deck! For shade, there is a canvas roof to keep your kids cool on warm summer days!

For the swings, this swing set has a three-position swing beam. As for the rides, it comes standard with a belt swing, baby swing, and a trapeze bar that challenges the older kids to do acrobatics!


KC-3 Deluxe, A Bigger Budget Swing Set

KC-3 Deluxe, A Great Budget Swing Set

The KC-3 Deluxe is similar to the A-3 deluxe when it comes to features.

Repeating from the A-3, this swing set has a canvas rooftop on top of the tower but instead of a 3×4 tower, this swing set features a 5×5 tower for a great amount of play space!

It has the same waterfall slide, accessories ladder, and swing beam, except the swings are a tad different. This set features two belt swings, great for families with two children, and a trapeze bar! This set makes a great budget-friendly swing set!



SK-5 Mountain Climber, A Great Swing Set On A Budget

SK-5 Mountain Climber, Great Features On A Budget Swing Set

The Sk-5 mountain climber is a great swing set for a tight budget or for small yards with not much room!

This swing set features our mountain climber tower which features a 5×5 play deck for a great amount of play space. Most importantly, it has a rock wall, rope wall, and a ladder attached to access the tower, perfect for older children to test their skills!

For the fun elements, it has a waterfall slide and a tire swing under the tower. As well as a double swing arm which allows a belt swing to come off one side and a trapeze bar off the other. A budget and space-friendly swing set!


SK-3 Mountain Climber, Compact Vinyl Swing Set

SK-3 Mountain Climber, Best Budget Friendly ClimberThe Sk-3 mountain climber is the best budget swing set in the mountain climber series.

Boasting a 3×5 tower with the basis of the mountain climber series, just more compact. It features a rock wall in the front and an access ladder in the back.

For fun items, this swing set has an avalanche slide, our premium slide, and a tire swing underneath. The swing beam has a 2-position swing beam with a deluxe baby swing and a belt swing attached!


Take note of these budget-friendly swing sets and explore them as an option for your family’s next great adventure in the backyard! All of these swing sets can be customized in our design center to further make them fit your budget!

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