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7 Amazing Ways to Promote Outdoor Play In Your Children
outdoor activities for kids


In the past, let’s say like 20-30 years ago, it was not very common to find kids spending a substantial amount of their time indoors. Children would always spend more time outdoors. But this has drastically changed over recent years.

These days, kids are not spending time outdoors as they should. Due to the availability of technology, screens, and gadgets, kids are spending most of their time indoors glued to these devices. They prefer staying indoors glued to these gadgets to spending time outside enjoying the sun and fresh hair and staying active. However, this is detrimental to their health. Outdoor play promotes the physical health of the children, strengthens mental health, and fosters creativity.

So, the million-dollar question is, how can you encourage your kids to stay outdoors? Well, in this guide, we discuss ways to promote outdoor play for your children so that they can spend less time glued to their gadgets. Let’s get started!

1. Create an outdoor play area that’s comfortable and safe

First things first, you must ensure that the area your kids are going to play outside is very comfortable. You shouldn’t just make it comfortable alone; it should also be very safe. After all, safety is paramount in a child’s play area. Make sure the kids have all the items they will need for their outdoor play. Invest in outdoor activities for kids.

You can add outdoor play items such as a playhouse, sandbox, swing set, outdoor toys and games, climbing structure, etc. By creating a safe and comfortable play space, you can be sure that you will be providing them with a fun and safe environment where they can play, explore, and use their imagination, encouraging them to spend more time outdoors indulging in outdoor activities for kids.

2. Encourage unstructured play

One of those plays that can encourage children to play outdoors is unstructured play. This kind of play basically allows children to use their creativity and imagination, develop problem-solving skills, and explore their surroundings in their own space. So, let your children engage in this kind of play without any strict rules or guidelines. You can encourage unstructured play by providing your kids with materials such as rocks, sticks, dirt, and water to promote imaginative play and explorations. This can make them always look up to playing outdoors.

3. Limit screen time

We have already touched on this, but it still needs a lot of emphasis, especially if you are looking for ways to promote outdoor play for your children. The best way to go about this is to set limits on screen time. This way, they will have more time to spend outdoors involved in outdoor activities for kids. Create times of day when electronic gadgets are off-limits. This could be during meals or before bedtime.

Additionally, to reduce reliance on screens and promote outdoor play, you can also encourage play activities such as playing outside, engaging in creative hobbies, and reading books.

4. Provide outdoor toys and equipment for the kids

How do you expect the children to spend more time outdoors if you don’t provide them with the toys and equipment they need to play with outdoors? So, the best you can do as a parent if you want to encourage outdoor play for your children is to fill your outdoor play space with various toys, materials, and equipment that promote active play and exploration. There is a wide range of toys and equipment you can stock your outdoor play space with, including swing sets, jump ropes, Frisbees, bikes, scooters,
hula hoops, and gardening tools. Of course, having access to these tools and materials will help your kids have a more enjoyable play experience and even provide them with opportunities for physical activity and even skill development. They will also say goodbye to boredom.

5. Encourage outdoor sports and recreation

Another incredible way to encourage your children to spend more time outdoors is by introducing them to outdoor sports and recreational activities that promote teamwork, physical fitness, and skill development. This may include sports such as baseball, swimming, tennis, cycling, and soccer. You should do these more frequently since taking part in outdoor sports and recreation can help kids develop physical strength and confidence while having fun.

6. Lead by example

It would be absurd if you encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors indulging in outdoor activities for kids while you, as a parent, are doing precisely the opposite. You should also spend time with the children outdoors and show them why it is fun to be outside.

Whenever they are playing on the playset, you can be with them and have fun with them together. And if it’s reading outside, you can do that together with them as well. This should also be the case if you are into gardening. Children generally want to be involved in whatever their parents are doing. So inviting them to join you or play together with them can make them feel excited and always look forward to spending time outdoors.

7. Take baby steps

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that your kids will not be outdoor experts overnight. And that’s pretty much okay. So, it is best to take your time and encourage the kids to get outside by starting small. With time, they’ll get used to spending more time outdoors and enjoying the fantastic benefits that come with it.

Final thoughts

Promoting outdoor play for children is crucial for their overall physical health, development, and well- being. By practicing the tips mentioned above, you can help your children develop a lifelong love and passion for the outdoors and enjoy the benefits that it offers.


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