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Games To Play On Your Backyard Playground
Backyard Playground


So you are considering or have purchased a new, exciting, awesome backyard playground which started getting your kid’s outside more but you want to expand their desire and create even more fun. Well we have highlighted some of the most popular games to play on your new playground and some to include on your new playground!


What We Offer

Let’s start with a few games we offer on our backyard playground’s! Tic Tac Toe is a very popular addition for customers! Taking the place of railings it keeps your kid’s on the playground and bonding with friends. Next is checkers, yes we offer checkers! Custom checker board that mounts free standing or attached to your backyard playground. Perfect for when friends come over or sibling bonding! Lastly is connect four, mounting underneath the tower between posts, this game is compact, doesn’t take very much room and is a joy to play! All of our games, like our vinyl playgrounds, are made to last and resist fading, cracking, and warping!



A classic game we all played when we were young but there’s a reason it has lasted the test of time, it is fun! With the obstacles involved in a backyard playground, it challenges your children to run fast, climb high, race down the slides over and over again! Playing with the neighborhood kid’s and creating memories they will cherish for year’s!


Capture The Flag

In our opinion the best game there is for children! Their imagination already runs wild on a backyard playground so why not defend your fortress from the likes of the other team! Create two teams, hide your flags or put them in plain sight, the goal of the game is to grab the other teams flag and bring it back to your side, but be careful do not get tagged! If you are tagged your go into “prison” where your other teammates can come and tag you back out and into play again! First team to capture the flag wins!


Egg & Spoon Race

This can be a fun game to play on a playground, with all the challenges of climbing and height levels, bumps and slides! get as many teams as you’d like, every person has a spoon, you must run through the course as quick as possible without breaking your egg. Once you get back you need to transfer your egg to the next person without breaking it, this process goes over and over until you run out of team members! A great game to play on a backyard playground!


Duck Duck Goose

Another classic game from everyone’s childhood! Have everyone sit down in a circle with as many players as you’d like! One person goes around repeating duck every time they touch another players head. Once they are ready they say goose once they tap the choose persons head! The “choose one” must stand up as quick and possible and chase the other person before they sit down and take there spot!


Great games to play on a backyard playground, creating even more fun in the safety and pleasure of your backyard! Whether you are considering a playground or already have one, try these fun games out and see the bright smiles appear on their faces! Check out our swing set’s and playground’s here!