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Easy Swing Set Cleaning Guide
Swing Set Cleaning Guide


Our swing set’s require very minimal maintenance, that’s why you choose us right, but you’ve created this dream swing set your kid’s love but it’s getting a little dull. The good thing is its dirty, meaning it has gotten a lot of use! Here is our swing set cleaning guide!

First step is decide whether you need a deep clean or just a fresh up. We suggest a deep cleaning about every 2 years, and a fresh up every spring. Let’s discuss what all is entailed!


Deep Clean

A deep clean is needed when you see layers upon layers of dirt and algae, if it is in a shaded area. First step would be to dismantle certain parts, for example if you have a rock wall, take the rocks off the poly base, or if you have a fabric roof top we suggest un screwing for a safer and easier clean! Also for a even deeper clean and easier experience unscrew hand rails, and safety grips to get the dirt that get’s caught behind. This will make the cleaning process easier!

Once everything is unscrewed and surfaces are open to see, we suggest a degreaser, spray the components down and let them soak in and get to work. Refer to the instructions on the bottle for the wait time required to work!

Then take a brush, not a wire brush, a soft bristled preferable will a long handle to get to those high to reach places and get to work. This is the most tedious process, getting into every nook and cranny for a bright and vibrant finish! Once completed, take a pressure washer and throughly rinse down your swing set at least twice to get rid of the degreasers remnants!

Lastly screw in the necessary parts to bring your swing set back to life. We recommend letting your set dry for couple of hours before releasing your kid’s back on their adventure!


Fresh Up Cleaning

During the winter your swing set will get dirty not from use, but from the elements, that is why we suggest a spring cleaning. Very minimal and not very intensive just a simple power wash. Here is the fresh up swing set cleaning guide!

As we said, this is very minimal just to brighten up your swing set for the fun in the sun. First use a degreaser to get rid of the grime in tough to reach places and possible algae eliminator if you are in a shaded area or wet climate. Use the same brush as the deep cleaning, a soft bristled brush, to wipe away the dirt making sure to get your ladders, rock walls, braces, etc. to really see the difference a spring cleaning can make!

Once you have polished away and put some elbow grease into it, fire up your power washer! Drench your swing set at least twice to get all the remnants of your degreasers and chemicals to make sure they don’t harm your children during play time!


Take notes and follow this swing set cleaning guide to provide the highest standard of play in your backyard, making your kid’s think their swing set is new year after year. Still researching swing set’s? Check out our blog post on “How To Design Your Own Swing Set” to get the most for your family!