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Design Your Own Swing Set


You know your kids best, so why not design your own swing set? We have made it as easy as possible to custom-build your dream swing set! We have broken it down into simple steps to make sure you maximize the potential of the 3D design center!


Step 1: Choosing Your Tower

A tower is the base of your swing set, the main structure. This part of the swing set will give access to what you can include on your playground! We offer 2×2, 3×5, 4×4, 5×5, and double deck towers for open towers. These are open with railings and are straight up and down, perfect for space savers! Coming in three, five, or seven-foot deck heights! In addition, we offer our mountain climber which looks similar to scissors. This tower gives you the option of adding a rock wall, stairs, or a rope wall to the main tower. Also, we offer a playhouse! This features an enclosed room to give your kids their own space in the backyard. To increase the fun we also offer a nine-foot height addition to most towers to have access to taller and larger slides!


Step 2 (optional): Connectors

In cases where you want two towers, you can connect your towers with multiple-style bridges or tubes! We offer 6’6″ and 8′ bridges, also in different widths! This gives you the ability to add slides to your bridge or even a tire swing underneath! Don’t forget about our castle walls for six-foot bridges to add that special element! For tube connectors, we offer a straight 6′ or 9′ tube connector depending on the distance you desire! We also offer tubes that can be raised and lowered to different deck heights, such as connecting a five-foot deck to a seven! In addition, we also offer “S” shaped tubes to change the depth of your playground!


Step 3: Rooftops

We offer many styles, designs, and materials for our rooftops! Our least expensive option is our fabric rooftop, only available with certain towers, it is made of high-quality and durable fabric to resist tears and fading! Our most popular is the poly rooftop, cost-efficient and made of the same material as the poly on the swing set, it blends perfectly! The third option is our pyramid rooftop, a unique design that sets your swing set apart from others!


Step 4: Choose Your Access

When you design your own swing set, you can’t forget about a way to access the playground! We offer multiple options to choose from! For children that are younger, or have problems climbing, we offer ramps, either with or without railing, for increased safety! In addition, we offer a rock wall or rope wall to challenge your kid’s abilities and increase the fun! For simple and traditional purposes, we offer the staircase!


Step 5: Choose Your Slides

This is the best part, and what your kids will enjoy the most! Depending if you prefer open slides, or enclosed we have both! For open slides, we offer the waterfall slide, which is our most cost-efficient, the avalanche slide which is the same style as the waterfall, but features taller sidewalls to ensure a safer descent, and lastly an open spiral slide! For enclosed slides, we offer an enclosed super spiral slide, a sidewinder, and the tunnel express (straight slide). All are great, but it depends on your preference and your children’s desires!


Step 6: Choose Your Fun Accessories

These are the cherries on top of a great swing set! Keep your children in the backyard, and let their imagination run wild by adding simple accessories such as a ship’s wheel or steering wheel, binoculars, a spotlight, a megaphone, a telescope, and more! For more hands-on games, we offer tic tac toe, connect four, or checkers for when neighbors and friends come to enhance the excitement! For under the tower, add a picnic table or a lemonade stand for lunch on your new swing set!


Head over to our 3d design center to design your own swing set and create the perfect set for your children to enjoy for years to come. Once you have your design, request a quote, and a sales member will reach out with a price to get your dream swing set in your backyard!