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What Is The Best Material To Put Under A Play Set?
Playhouse set surfacing options


Over the last couple of years, there has been an increase in swing sets in many homes. This is perhaps because parents have realized the importance of outdoor play for children. Playing outdoors is crucial for children’s mental and physical development. It can also help them develop advanced motor skills and athletic abilities. But how can you ensure your children are spending quality time outdoors? One of the ways you can achieve this is by investing in a high-quality playhouse set.

These playhouse sets come in various sizes and designs and are made from various materials. When it comes to the play sets, you need to determine the kind of material you want to put under them. There are various types of materials you can put under your play set. But before we delve into them, let’s first understand why putting the material under the play set is important.

Why should you have a fall surface?

There is no requirement for having a fall surface under your play set. However, you may opt to have it for safety reasons. A fall surface under a swing set may lessen the force of the fall. A fall surface won’t avoid or eliminate the chance of falling, but it can lessen the bruising or soreness that results from a fall.

The height of the fall and the surface the child makes touch with when it happens are two elements that affect how bad a fall can be. A fall will be more dangerous the higher it is. Some materials absorb a fall’s force better than others, reducing the force the body must absorb. The contact material should absorb most of the shock when children fall off a playset deck, minimizing the impact on the child.

The best materials to use under a play set

So now that you have understood the importance of having a fall surface, which materials are best
suited for this? Let’s find out.

1. Rubber mulch

Rubber mulch offers the best of both worlds if you prefer the feel of a rubber mat but want the flexibility to spread the material out. By absorbing the stress of falls, rubber mulch can lessen their impact. Children who fall will be less injured or sore thanks to this material. Moreover, rubber mulch does not attract insects, unlike wood chips or actual mulch. This could save the life of a child with a bee allergy who is playing on the swing set.

Rubber mulch is also simple to apply and doesn’t need any upkeep. Rubber mulch is strong, but it won’t benefit your lawn like natural mulch would. Last but not least, rubber mulch comes in many colors so choose one that fits the color scheme of your swing set!

2. Wood chips

Wood chips are among the most popular fall surfaces to put under a swing set. Wood chips are substantially less expensive than some alternatives because they are a natural substance. You might discover that wood chips are more aesthetically pleasing in your yard or playground due to their natural appearance in the region.

Adding moisture to the soil and controlling weeds are two additional benefits of using wood chips on your grass. Using wood chips as a fall surface has the drawback that children who walk or fall on them may get splinters. Additionally, wood chips must be replaced periodically because they can decay after becoming damp. Additionally, if you’re using them in a yard full of kids or on a playground, you might notice that kids enjoy throwing them. Any child’s eyes could be hurt if this were to happen to them.

3. Sand

Natural sand can be a great alternative if you want something organic to place under your swing set. Sand is less expensive than many other materials because it is a natural substance, similar to wood chips. Many believe it appears best in their yard if they want a natural appearance. Sand not only lessens the danger from falls, but you may also buy extra or utilize leftovers to make a sandbox for your kids.

You don’t need to bother about special ordering sand because you can find it at practically any home improvement store. Sand is a cheap alternative, but if you have outdoor cats, it can cause issues. Cats could use the play area for your child as a bathroom since they frequently mistake sand for cat litter. Sand can also be readily tracked into the house and attract insects.

4. Rubber mats

Whether your swing set is for domestic or commercial use, adding rubber mats is a simple addition. Rubber mats, in the opinion of many, are significantly more aesthetically pleasing than natural alternatives. Many hues are available, but the sleek black is the most popular. The rubber mats are not only attractive but also exceedingly strong.

Even the most obnoxious kids can use rubber mats for years before needing to be replaced. Anyone with a swing set will find these mats appealing due to how little upkeep they need. Although the rubber mats are sturdy, the upfront cost will be higher than for a natural substitute. Using the swing set by someone allergic to the rubber may also make this mat an issue. Finally, many people find rubber’s fragrance overpowering, particularly in the summer when the rubber heats up.

5. Pea gravel

Pea gravel can also be a great choice if you’re searching for a natural material to put under your swing set. Your grass will feel more natural thanks to pea gravel, which is very tough. Pea gravel can be the best option if you want something natural but don’t want to change it as frequently as you would with sand and wood chips.

Pea gravel is more durable than rubber, wood chips, or sand while having a more pleasing appearance. The impact of falls from a swing will be lessened, but not as much as with the softer materials. Additionally, pea gravel is easily caught in shoes, which may cause it to be tracked the entire house.

Wrapping it up

The best material to put under your playhouse set depends on your taste, needs, and budget. However, when choosing a material to put underneath your swing set, you must consider safety, shock absorption, and maintenance factors. Check out more blogs such as “how to make a swing set safe for toddlers” or “do we offer playground surfacing? Why, yes we do!

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