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Understanding The Cost of Commercial Playground Equipment
playground equipment commercial


If you are considering starting your own business, you may start a playground business. This is because this type of business comes with certain perks:

  1. Playgrounds are back in business because parents more than ever understand the importance of
    outdoor play for children.
  2.  With many children coming to the playground, there is a high possibility of making profits.
  3. Your business will be able to bring families together, thereby helping them create memories.

But when it comes to starting a commercial playground, one crucial aspect that comes to one’s attention is the cost. Thankfully, this article breaks down the cost of commercial playground equipment. Let’s get started.

What is playground equipment?

There are many different types, designs, and sizes of playground equipment commercial. It frequently consists of wooden, metal, or plastic components and may have swings, slides, zip lines, ladders, monkey bars, net and rope structures.
Although playground equipment is intended for use by kids, adults can also exercise on it. Additionally, some playgrounds have climbing walls, sandboxes, and water features. While any object or activity intended for play may be called “playground equipment” it is most frequently used to refer to the objects found in public parks and playgrounds. In addition to fostering social interaction and imagination, playground equipment helps kids develop their motor skills and coordination.

How to determine the budget for your commercial playground equipment

Before you even start shopping for commercial playground equipment, you need to come up with a budget. Your budget will guide you regarding the size, design, type, and cost of playground equipment to purchase. Setting a budget for the equipment is crucial because these units have varying prices. When setting a budget for your commercial playground equipment, you need to have certain things in mind. These include:

  • The number of children who will use the playground
  • The kind of structures or activities you need
  • If the playground needs ground cover
  • Installation and site preparation

How much does commercial playground equipment cost?

The size and kind of structure significantly impact the price of commercial playground equipment. The price of larger structures will often be higher than that of smaller ones, like swings and slides. The following factors can influence the price in addition to the structure’s size:

1. Type of use

The nature of use has a significant role in determining the price of commercial playground equipment. You might be able to find less expensive solutions if the structure is only used once or briefly. On the other hand, you should be prepared to pay extra for a quality product if you want something that will last for years and survive frequent use.

2. Material cost

The cost of the playground equipment’s materials will significantly affect the total cost. Wood is frequently the least expensive alternative, and metal constructions are frequently more expensive than vinyl ones. If you want something that will last and be durable, metal or vinyl can be your best option. If you have a tight budget, wood or vinyl can be a more cost-effective solution. The choice will ultimately depend on your unique requirements and budget.

3. Cost of installation

The installation cost is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when planning a playground project. Playground equipment installation can be difficult and time-consuming; therefore, it’s crucial to account for this expense when making your budget. Installers frequently bill by the hour for their services. However, a flat rate may be quoted for some jobs. The cost of more complicated or specialized projects may exceed simpler installations. No matter what kind of price you get, request a thorough cost breakdown to make plans properly. Your playground project can remain within your budget with little planning and site preparation.

4. Cost of maintenance

The operation and safety of children’s playground equipment depend on routine maintenance. This includes checking the structure for signs of wear and tear, mending broken portions, and replacing missing components. The cost of inspections, repairs, and replacements are all included in many businesses’; yearly or biannual maintenance plans. A maintenance plan can reduce costs in the long run by extending the lifespan of the playground equipment, even though the initial expenditure may be larger than the cost of sporadic repairs.

Additionally, by avoiding injuries brought on by broken or missing parts, routine maintenance can help to ensure that the play area and playground are utilized safely. These factors make a maintenance strategy crucial to take into account when purchasing playground equipment.

5. The number of kids

The number of kids who will use the structure is crucial when estimating the cost of commercial playground equipment. The number of kids using the structure at any given time will determine its size and nature.

For instance, a small group of young children may only need a single-story slide, whereas a larger group may require a massive climber tower. As a result, your purchase price may vary depending on how many kids use the structure. In general, playground equipment commercial costs increase with the number of children using it. There are ways to cut costs even when buying for a big group. For instance, you could hunt for group discounts or negotiate for a better deal with the dealer. You may get high-quality playground equipment that is within your price range by comparing pricing and considering all of your alternatives.

What is the cost of commercial playground equipment on average?

The number of kids using the playground equipment will ultimately determine your budget. Generally, you should set up $1,000 for each child. Playground equipment typically costs between $8,000 and $50,000. Costs for larger, more expensive constructions might rise to between $50,000 and $150,000. Commercial venues hosting more than 100 kids might spend over $150,000. These places might also require specialized designs and inclusive/accessible features. Schools may pay even more for playground equipment if their playgrounds are larger and have more concurrent equipment users.

The playgrounds at homeowners’ associations and public parks are smaller and host fewer visitors each time. The costs will vary depending on the amenities you wish to offer at the park. Starting with a budgeted plan is crucial because the playground’s equipment budget will account for a sizeable budget. Outlining the playground’s requirements is the first step in determining the budget. Costs will also vary depending on the adventures you want your consumers to enjoy.

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