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Why Is Vinyl The Best Swing Set For Kids & The Outdoors
Why Vinyl Is The Best Swing Set For Kid's


Why is vinyl the best swing set for kids? How long will the vinyl components last? What are the warranties that come along with my purchase? Let’s discuss why vinyl is the best material for your playset and understand why it will make your purchase a more reliable and fulfilling one!


Why is Vinyl Better Than Wood?

First off, let’s understand what makes vinyl better than wood when it comes to a playset or swing set! The biggest concern is maintenance when customers are searching for a playset or swing set. Wood swing sets come with multiple concerns. The biggest of all is the constant fear of rotting. Who wants to spend their weekend painting and taking apart their swing set to get every nook and corner to ensure a solid base and bonding? Without paint, your wood swing set is subject to rot, decay, and most importantly splinters!

You don’t want to send your kids out to play and they climb up their tower to get to the top of the slide but hit a rough patch and a splinter goes right into their knee, hand, leg, or arm! That is the worst, taking it from experience! But not with vinyl, offering a smooth surface that doesn’t decay and create rough patches!


Does My Vinyl Swing Set Have Warranties?

Yes, it does! Let’s go over some of the positive and great warranties that give customers the peace of mind that they and their children will be protected when the power of backyard play is activated!

20 Year Warranty

Wow, a twenty-year warranty? Impressive, right? An industry-leading warranty means play never ends or pauses. Nothing is more frustrating than having to fill out forms, and spend endless hours on the phone with customer support trying to get replacement parts because something on your swing set broke just shortly after you bought it! Not with vinyl! proving it is the best swing set for kids year after year.

The twenty-year warranty covers all the PVC and wood components such as the vinyl, composite decking, composite railing, and pressure-treated lumber inside the vinyl. Yes, the pressure-treated lumber is covered by a twenty-year warranty, that is never heard of and we know! Making the buying decision even easier when it comes to longevity!


5 Year Warranty

In addition to the twenty-year warranty, the other components not covered by it are under a five-year warranty! These components include canopies, slides, swings, and all metal components and accessories. Letting the fun roll on year after year!

Great warranties give the best swing set for kids and families to enjoy without the hassle of maintaining and worrying about the safety of their children!


What Makes Vinyl Less Maintenance?

Vinyl has many advantages but the one that sticks out the most to customers is the need to constantly check over and maintain disappears!


A Safe Swing Set

Vinyl is the safest play surface when it comes to swing sets. Resisting the urge to crack and splinter under immense amounts of stress from weight and climate conditions protects your child from harm! Furthermore, during the peak of playtime, the summer, we all know the weather gets hot, which means the sun will be baking on your playground. Our vinyl stays cool to the touch and doesn’t heat up, meaning, your child won’t get those harsh burns that come with other play sets!


Easy To Clean

Yes, you heard that right, easy to clean! Almost something that we won’t think of when talking about swing sets, but with vinyl, it makes all the sense in the world! A simple power wash in the spring will brighten those colors you choose, and love to bring them back to their full glory! Our playsets won’t fade either, with the vinyl having UV inhibitors in it, resisting the sun’s harmful UV rays that dull the colors!


We hope you understand that a vinyl swing set is truly the best swing set for kids and families to enjoy. Not only will it make your kids’ day, but it will also make yours as you have the peace of mind that your kids are safe, plus you have nothing to worry about to keep them going! Check out our vinyl swing sets here and bring the fun to your backyard!


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