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How Do You Know When It’s Time For A New Swing Set?
How to know when you need a new swing set


Is your current swing set falling apart? That may be a dead giveaway sign. Are your kids losing interest in your backyard? In this blog post, we are going to outline the key signs that may mean you need a new swing set. Let’s dive in, shall we?


Is My Playset Getting Old?

The first thing to ask yourself is, is my playset getting old? If you answer yes or maybe you don’t even know, let’s go over some of the dead giveaway signs that mean you require a new swing set to spark creative play!


Wood Swing Set

Unlike vinyl swing sets, wood playsets need constant maintenance and eyes on them to keep play safe and sound! Wood Sets need staining every couple of years or maybe even 2 years after you purchase them. Did you forget to stain and water-seal it? If you forgot your set has been exposed to the elements for quite some time, soaking up water means algae growth, decay, and more!

To keep your kids safe always keep an eye open for splinters which may require sanding and little elbow grease. Nobody wants something poking into them and being a nuisance to the skin! This may be caused by a lot of use, bugs, pests, water damage, or more. Did you forget to paint your playset? Then your set has been vulnerable for years being exposed to rain, snow, ice, damaging sun, and pests. Without stain and water sealer on a wooden swing set our set is going to fade, crack, and rot, decreasing value and safety for your kids!


Kids Losing Interest?

Probably the most important aspect, is if your kids aren’t going to use it, why have it right? This is the most popular reason families need a new swing set, kids are constantly changing their interests and wants, so your swing set should evolve with them. As children get older, they either get involved with sports and love it, join friend groups that hang out constantly, or just want a space of their own.

If they like sports, most swing sets do not offer athletic elements. Not with Swing Set Nation! If you design your own playset be sure to check out the QB Challenge or the Buzzer Beater Hoops that are sure to challenge your kid’s skills, bond with friends, and grow their abilities. Now, looking to build your own swing set, be sure to check out the RL-3 Sports Tower which features both sports elements plus a great slide and tower!

If they are in a friend group, as parents, we know there will be sleepovers, or after-school hangouts all the time! Why not bring a swing set to the backyard that will allow multiple children? A double tower provides ample room for games like capturing the flag, tag, or even slides to race down. A great set for this is the A-7 Deluxe, featuring monkey bars that older children love, and 2 towers plus a bridge for the utmost amount of play deck for multiple children!

How about wanting a space of their own? We suggest a playhouse swing set, their own tiny house in the backyard for either alone time or with friends! A great place to read a book, hang out and chill, or even add a chair and a tv for video games, the possibilities are endless! For the true tiny house feel, we suggest the C-10 Hideout which features a wrap-around porch, multiple access points, monkey bar swing beam for those adventurous moments. Let’s not forget about the slides, 2 avalanche slides, and a turbo slide out of the playhouse for a quick escape!


If your kids are losing interest, or your playset is falling apart, it may be time for a new swing set. We offer various styles and sizes for any backyard. Be sure to check out the design center because nobody knows your kids better than you!



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