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Vinyl Vs. Metal Swing Sets: Which One Is Right For You?
Vinyl vs Metal Swing Sets


Adding a swing set to your backyard is one the perfect ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal and
increase its value. This is because many homebuyers, especially those with young children, are more
willing to pay more for a home with a swing set.

When it comes to swing sets, the most popular ones are vinyl and metal swing sets. Both of them have
their unique features and benefits. The swing set you choose will largely depend on your preferences
and the children you are buying the set for. But in this article, we will help you pick the ideal swing set
between the two. Let’s get started.

What is a vinyl swing set?

Vinyl swing sets structural elements are made of pressure-treated timber covered in PVC. The swing
set’s walls and decks use composite decking, a wood substitute created from recycled plastic and
lumber. These swing sets don’t need to be stained or sealed, but they should be cleaned.

What is a metal swing set?

The swing sets that most adults can recall having as children are the metal ones. They fix thin-gauge
steel pipes in concrete using paint or powder coating. Depending on the type of metal, maintenance
may involve adding oil or grease to keep off corrosion.

Advantages of vinyl vs. metal swing set

1. Durability

For your youngsters, you should ideally only get one swing set- a quality swing set. Depending on
where you reside, your swing set may have to deal with rain, snow, sun, insects, and fungus. While
buying a swing set, consider the typical weather conditions in your area throughout the year.

Make sure the set you select is sturdy. Furthermore, the swing set will undoubtedly be put to use in
ways for which it was not intended. Youngsters tend to get creative with their play. So, there’s an
additional reason to buy a strong swing set.

The main characteristics of vinyl swing sets are that they are durable, strong, and beautiful. The
structures of the swing sets are constructed of high-quality materials, which prevents them from
deteriorating as quickly. Because of this, you don’t need to be concerned about their durability or

Metal swing sets will last just as long as a vinyl set. When you first buy them their metal chains and structure
are made to be sturdy. However, the swing set’s metal is susceptible to rusting and weakening over
time. As a result, metal swing sets are perfect for younger kids who won’t be exerting a lot of weight on
the swing. After they begin to rust and lose strength, older kids could be a little too heavy for the swings.

2. Safety

Providing adequate supervision is the best thing you can do to keep your kids safe on any type of swing
set. The proportions will be appropriate for your children’s age range if you get an age-appropriate set,
which will help assure this. Also, any safety instructions and maximum weight recommendations with
the swing set you buy can help keep your kids happy and healthy while they use the swing set.

When comparing the safety of metal and vinyl swing sets, there are a few things to remember.
Because vinyl swing sets don’t chip or split, there are no splinters. Furthermore, since no wood is
exposed, wasps and bees won’t construct nests inside them. Vinyl swing sets are safer than metal ones
since they are less likely to become hazardous when someone slips over them or descends the ladder.
Also, they are less likely to have sharp edges that may cut someone if they fall off the structure.

In the summer, metal swings can quickly get excessively heated. Metal swings left in direct sunlight may
become hot enough to burn your children’s hands when they grasp the chain handle. Also, the spaces
between the chains on a metal swing set can be so wide that kids can prick their skin. Although this
typically doesn’t result in any serious harm, the kids find it uncomfortable. In addition, metal can cause
cuts or scrapes.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance is another element that sets apart the vinyl swing set from the metal swing set. If you have
a tight schedule and cannot allocate time to look after your swing set, it would be a great idea to choose
a swing set that requires little maintenance.

Vinyl swing sets require minimal maintenance. They don’t need to be painted, stained, or require any
kind of finishing. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about rot or rust. Cleaning vinyl swing sets is
relatively easy. All you have to do is to wipe it with a moist sponge dipped into a mild all-purpose
household cleaner.

On the other hand, metal swing sets require thorough maintenance to ensure they last longer. You need
to apply oil or grease regularly to prevent corrosion. You also have to fix the knicks and scratches.
Although most high-quality metal sets are powder- or galvanized-treated, you should still paint or coat it
with a protective coating every year or two.

4. Cost

Cost is another crucial factor to consider when deciding which swing set to choose between vinyl and
metal swing sets. Generally, vinyl swing sets are more cost-effective than metal swing sets. There are also no costly
maintenances associated with them. However you will see bigger price gaps the larger you go, for commercial playgrounds on a tight budget a vinyl swing set is the way to go!

Vinyl vs. metal swing sets: which is better?

The best purchase will depend on your specific demands and wants. Both vinyl and metal swing sets
have advantages and disadvantages. Swing sets made of vinyl or metal will typically last around the
same time. But as a parent, you’re looking for a swing set that’s much safer for your kids and is low maintenance. A
vinyl swing set is the best option if that’s the case. Moreover, it’s a worthwhile investment that will give
you a higher value for your money. Check out more information by reading our other blogs such as “Top benefits of vinyl swing sets” or also “best budget friendly swing sets on the market.” Have additional questions? Enter you information below and we will be happy to help!


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