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Top Mistakes Customers Make When They Buy A Swing Set
Top mistakes customers make when they buy a swing set


A swing set or playset is a big ticket item, and we know that many customers make mistakes that will impact how their children play in the backyard. In this blog post, we are going to outline the top mistakes customers make when they buy a swing set so they do not just follow the trend and get the dream swing set your kids will use for years and years!


Expand The Reach of Your Playset

A swing set and playset are items that can benefit your children from a toddler to almost teenagers, depending on how you build your swing set and what options you need. Let’s discuss what you should include in it!


Build A Swing Set That Grows With Your Toddler

The number one mistake customers make when they purchase a swing set, purchasing a swing set that fits the toddler’s current age. Your children will grow, age, and mature plus they will want to try new things, exciting things that test their skills and create new adventures. Yes, choosing the appropriate swing set for your children’s current age is very important but a swing set is a big purchase, so think outside the box!

Naturally, when children grow they become more curious. Asking themselves, “Can I do this?” Let’s discuss some additions to your swing set, so your children can grow into it! Adding monkey bars to the standard swing beam is not only adding a fun element but it is beneficial for them! Testing and growing their muscles and grip strength but having fun in the process, they don’t even know they are “training”, in the long run, they will come out ahead of the game! This is also great for when they are smaller, we add a railing to the end of the tower so children can not fall through, but are also removable for when they are older!

For the kids that are not so adventurous and monkey-like, consider a playhouse swing set! So when they get older they don’t stray too far from the nest, having their own space right in the backyard! How is this beneficial? Giving your kids their own space reduces the stress in the household, improves their mood, and strengthens the bonds they will have with neighborhood kids, siblings, or family members! So when you buy a swing set, keep this in mind to further help your investment!


Create An Exciting Playset

Keep your kid playing for years, not just for a year! Toddlers love swings and sensory objects such as sandboxes, baby swings, web swings, and many more. While middle-aged children and teenagers love exciting elements! But what should you add to keep them interested?

When your child grows and is per se between the ages of 3-7, their imagination is a powerful tool. This is where they can believe they are anything and be anywhere! Include elements that spark creative play such as a ship’s wheel or telescope, to be Jack Sparrow retreating from the enemy. Perhaps a spotlight to light up the stage as the dog runs around the backyard!

Older children may lose interest in swinging or they don’t imagine it as bright as it used to be. Perhaps you should add sports when you buy a swing set! The buzzer-beater hoops are a great way to keep them in the backyard! With a friend or sibling, they will battle it out on the court to see who can make the most shots the quickest, or maybe they are alone and just want to practice their jump shot! Have a football player? Maybe the QB challenge is the right one for you! Attaching right to the swing beam, 3 tires with nets attached to the back will keep the footballs tidy. Test their aim and see if they can make it into the net!


A Swing Set With Water Features

Those hot summer days can be dreadfully hot, and the AC indoors may be very tempting, but don’t let the fun stop! Easier than putting up a slip-n-slide and building right into your swing set to add these features!

Ditch the old-fashioned water guns that don’t skirt far and also need to be reloaded, add a water cannon! Yes, a cannon, shooting far and wide, this enriches your children’s imagination and makes the laughter loud and lasting! A simple hose hook-up gets the fun started!

Looking for a way to cool down that even you, the parents, can use? Add a swing beam mister to your swing set! Our backyard swing sets are built very sturdily so you can even enjoy the fun with your kids. Built right into the swing beam, the master system runs down the end ladder and ends with a hose attachment. Only takes minutes to hook up and seconds to beat the heat!

In our opinion, the biggest mistake most customers make is not adding this element when they buy a swing set or a waterslide adapter! Increase the fun and have a waterslide built right into the swing set, what can go wrong? Attached right above the slide, all you need is a bathing suit to let the fun slide right in!


Don’t make a mistake when you buy a swing set, read up on our blogs to get the best for your children and for you! A swing set is a big investment, consider the long term, not just the present. Have questions about a swing set purchase contact us, or check our other blog posts, such as “What Makes The Best Backyard Swing Set



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