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Top Factors To Consider When Purchasing Commercial Playground Equipment
commercial playgrounds for sale


Whether you are looking forward to installing a playground on your backyard for your children or want to open a playground and monetize it, you must choose the right playground equipment. There are plenty of factors you need to consider when choosing playground equipment other than the fun aspect.

It should be as safe as possible. This way, you can prevent a lot of preventable injuries. This article discusses the top factors you need to pay attention to when choosing commercial playground equipment for sale. So, without wasting more time, let’s explore them.

1. Your budget

It is crucial to take your budget into account while selecting playground equipment. When looking for new equipment, it might be simple to get carried away and overspend, but this doesn’t have to happen.

You may make an informed decision that matches your budget by researching the many types of materials utilized, their quality, and associated expenses. Additionally, checking around and comparing pricing at other suppliers will help you ensure the playground equipment you select is high quality and within your price range.

Also, consider the cost of installation and maintenance. An estimate from some manufacturers will cover the cost of the equipment needed, shipment, and installation, but not all of them will. Verify the purpose of each quote before using it.

One of the most underestimated costs when budgeting for playgrounds is maintenance. Playground equipment is made to resist rough weather and continuous use. To maintain it safe for kids to use, equipment needs routine maintenance. Include expenses for grounds maintenance, equipment inspections, and replacing worn-out or damaged parts in your budget.

2. Safety

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a commercial playground for sale is probably safety. As mentioned, a safe playground will prevent unnecessary injuries to the little ones as they enjoy outdoor play. A professional should carefully inspect all outdoor equipment for any potential dangers.

Sharp edges, uneven surfaces, missing fasteners, and metal component corrosion are some examples. The construction of playground equipment must also adhere to all applicable national and international product safety standards, such as those set forth by ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials). Thankfully, top commercial playground equipment suppliers usually ensure that their equipment provides the utmost safety.

3. Age of the children

Think about the children who will be utilizing the equipment the most. Six months to 23 months, two years to five years, and five years to twelve years are the three age groups for playground equipment:

Playgrounds for young children are available from 6 to 23 months. A safe environment should allow children to move in and explore between 6 and 23 months. This age group’s playthings should help children to crawl, stand, and walk. At this age, children learn a lot, and the right play equipment can assist them in acquiring new skills. Small, close-to-the-ground structures that promote easy interactions are frequently used as equipment for this age range.

2 to 5 years old: Playthings should have increasingly intricate constructions that enable stepping up and down, scaling short distances, and using their imaginations. Short slides, ramps, sand pits, and spring rockers may be found on the playground. Children at this age are beginning to push their boundaries and explore more.

5–12 years old: School-age children can access additional equipment that fosters various talents. Include a range of play structures allowing children to exercise different muscle groups and learn new abilities. Integrating equipment like horizontal bars, climbing ramps, tire swings, slides, and sliding polls is possible.

Children should only play on equipment suited to their age group. Playing on equipment that is too sophisticated for their age can be dangerous. Always post signs stating the proper ages for using the equipment. You should take certain precautions to guarantee the children only play on the right equipment if you want to design constructions for different ages.

4. Amount of space available

Next, locate the area where you want to set up your equipment. The location that allows your children
to access to a playground is the ideal location for it. Think about the following when choosing where to put the playground equipment:

Where you intend to install the playground: You’ll need a sizable, level space with room to put the playground. Your project’s duration and cost will significantly increase if you try constructing a playground on uneven terrain. Think about putting the playground in an area with existing shade. Before you begin, the utility company must certify that there are no underground pipes in that region. Ensure that the playground will break no laws or ordinances.

How much space is there? Determine the exact amount of space you’ll have. Each construction must have additional room for the necessary “usage zone.” For safe play, children require enough room around the equipment.

How many structures there are: Consider how many structures you want to place. A single, enormous structure can be in the middle of several smaller ones dotted about the space. Plan out any additional features you’re considering placing in that area, such as benches, garbage cans, tables, and anything else.

5. Material and design

Before purchasing a commercial playground for sale, the materials and design should be carefully inspected. Pick the format that your child enjoys the most. However, double-check the equipment’s shape to ensure no sharp edges could cause damage. Additionally, remember to check durability. Anything that is easily broken is dangerous. Consider what would happen if it broke while your kids were playing and they fell to the ground. To reduce risk, use soft playground flooring.

6. Maintenance and cleaning

You could find it useful to consider how simple it is to clean and maintain the playground equipment. Depending on the material used to make the equipment, it might need to be cleaned frequently to keep it looking its best. Additionally, it’s crucial to regularly inspect for any wear or damage that can jeopardize its security.

Regardless of the equipment you buy, always adhere to the maintenance instructions. After a predetermined amount of time, some playground equipment may require resealing, recoating, or retreating. They could require routine deep cleaning, too. For more details about maintenance, speak with the equipment manufacturer.

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