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Tips For Maintaining Commercial Playground Equipment
commercial playground equipment for kids


Commercial playgrounds are wonderful places for children and families to play but require regular maintenance. Unmaintained playgrounds can be hazardous and put children at risk, not to mention the liabilities you could incur if something happens. The various natural factors to which playground equipment is exposed range from winter snowstorms to spring winds and summer rays. To maintain and keep your playground in great condition, you must take the necessary precaution. But before we look at the tips to help you maintain your commercial playground equipment for kids, let’s discuss why it is important to maintain your commercial playground equipment.

Why playground maintenance is important

Playground maintenance is important for a variety of reasons. The primary reason is to keep the playground tidy. If not frequently cleaned, the playground may become a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. Additionally, playground maintenance ensures that the equipment is in good functioning order. Damaged equipment needs to be replaced immediately or fixed as soon as possible.

Playground maintenance is also required since it aids in injury prevention. Children are more prone to injuries on playground equipment if it is improperly maintained. Playground maintenance ensures that all equipment complies with safety requirements and that there are no potential risks, such as sharp edges.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the tips for playground maintenance

1. Select the person in charge of maintenance.

Choosing who will be in charge of maintaining your commercial playground equipment for kids is the first step. You must ensure that whoever is in maintenance is properly qualified and given adequate time to complete the job well. There are various alternatives when selecting who is in charge of maintaining the playground. You can do it yourself, your staff, or hire a professional company.

2. Select a maintenance schedule

The next step is to choose a schedule once you have determined who maintains the playground. Playground maintenance must be routine if it’s to remain secure and hygienic. A lot of professionals advise inspecting and cleaning playgrounds at least once each week. However, you might need to change the schedule depending on the playground’s size and volume of usage.

3. Regularly inspect the equipment.

When something was functioning properly one day, it might not be the next. The simplest type of commercial playground maintenance is simply performing routine equipment inspections. Look for anything damaged, worn out, or loose by strolling around the playground and climbing over the structures. Keep an eye out for anything unusual or minor cracks that could develop into more serious issues. Maintaining a weekly inspection schedule can help you remain on top of maintenance and address any problems before they escalate into more serious ones.

4. Replace damaged or worn out parts immediately

Contact your commercial playground equipment provider and ask them to replace any damaged pieces if you see any damage to the equipment, such as rust or worn-out screws. Do not disregard simple damage because it may worsen and pose a risk to youngsters. To safeguard children’s safety, it is preferable to completely replace any outdated equipment.

5. Ensure even surfaces

The ground is among the riskiest places for a commercial playground. Tripping dangers can be produced by uneven surfaces. If your playground’s surface is made of rubber mulch, wood chips, or gravel, be sure there are no gaps or holes in the material. To fill in any holes, spread out the surfaces and add extra material as necessary. Ensure enough padding on the surface as it can reduces injury if youngster stumbles or falls. Synthetic materials may condense over time and lose their cushioning, and loose
surfaces like wood fiber may become displaced and need replenishment.

6. Pay attention to screws and bolts.

Bolts and screws secure the equipment components together and guarantee their stability. Children are seriously at risk if the parts fall or collapse if the screws are loose. As a result, to prevent dangers, you should pay closer attention to screws and bolts and tighten them at least once a month. Even if tightening screws and bolts is simple, you should hire a professional from your playground equipment provider to do it.

7. Test playground equipment

A maintenance checklist for commercial playground equipment for kids should also include testing all playground equipment. This entails ensuring that swings are securely fastened, slides are not very slippery, and monkey bars are robust. Additionally, look for any loose components on the equipment. Any loose components need to be tightened or replaced right away.

8. Set up trash and recycling bins.

Of course, arranging as many strategically placed garbage and recycling bins as possible throughout your outdoor area is also a good idea. This gives guests to your location numerous opportunities to dispose of their waste and maintain the area’s best appearance.

9. Clean regularly

Children play on the equipment while wearing their shoes, necessitating periodic cleaning of the said equipment. Clean the slides and other items at least once a week to eliminate bacteria that could lead to infections. To achieve the greatest results and maintain proper hygiene for the kids, use the best cleaning equipment on the market for cleaning.

In addition to routine cleaning, it’s critical to take care of spills and stains immediately. Keep some cleaning supplies and a towel handy to clean up spills as soon as they happen. By following this procedure, you can keep the equipment clean and avoid any stains or odors from developing. Always keep in mind that a tidy playground is a healthy and secure playground!

10. Update equipment seasonally

As the weather changes, playgrounds should be updated. You might need to pull down shade canopies during the winter to prevent wear and damage. Check the playground for any accumulation of snow or ice patches. Verify that there are no risks in the sandbox and that the equipment isn’t too hot during the summer.

Final thoughts

Commercial playground equipment for kids is a significant investment that you must safeguard. You can accomplish this by properly maintaining it. Properly maintaining your playground equipment will not only make them safe for the children but will also make them serve you longer, giving you value for your money. Check out more blogs such as “top factors to consider when purchasing commercial playground equipment” or “understanding the cost of commercial playground equipment.”