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Vinyl Swing Set in New Jersey


Are you looking for a vinyl swing set in New Jersey? Well, we have got you covered, our swing sets are made to withstand the salty air for waterfront customers, bitter cold for northern customers, and the heat for southern customers! Resisting rust and extreme heat that burns your child, our vinyl swing sets are a no-brainer!

Designing and purchasing a swing set for your children shouldn’t be hard, we have streamlined the process to simplify your buying experience and eliminate the hassle! Unlike big box stores, we deliver and professionally install our swing sets and playgrounds, eliminating those weekends of constant struggle installing a boxed swing set. No more frustrating weekends spending every second screwing and bolting. But what makes our vinyl swing sets extra special for the east coast?

  1. No cracking or fading from extreme heat or the bitter cold, keeping your swing set looking brand new!
  2. Resists the heat, no burns on your children from the sun baking and harming your child!
  3. Fun 24/7, with our playhouses, your child has the space for a heater or fan to let them have their own space year around!
  4. Water features, our swing sets have water features that help cool down on a hot summer day, such as the water cannon or the water slide adapter. Especially popular for the east coasts’ lower and warmer states year around!

Considering the advantages, our playgrounds are top-notch vinyl swing sets in New Jersey! But what makes the swing set nation hassle-free? We have outlined how the process works from the time you place your order to the time our team professionally delivers and install your swing set!

  1. Find the perfect swing set, design your own or choose from a predestined swing set!
  2. We call and confirm everything is how you’d like it and place the order.
  3. Our craftsmen begin working on your swing set the exact way you choose.
  4. We will call and schedule your set to be delivered and installed in your backyard or community center!
  5. Our delivery crew shows up, and professionally installs your swing set, protecting the warranties it’s backed with!
  6. East coast outdoor play begins, bring on the smiles!

Are you ready to create the best vinyl swing set in New Jersey? Maybe you aren’t in New Jersey, we deliver and install all over the United States! Check out our vinyl swing sets here or jump over to our 3D design center and custom-build the playground your family deserves!