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Being able to build a custom swing set is one of the most important things when shopping. You know your kids best, more than anyone, so why not have the ability to customize the swing set your kids will play on for years?

Are your kids energetic, such as liking to climb and crawl, or slide and zip down fast? Being able to build custom swing sets can change the effectiveness of having one. Being able to keep your kids occupied outside can change, depending if you included enough elements to keep them busy. Such as above, if they love to climb like monkeys, then include rock walls, rope walls, and monkey bars, to test their skills and challenge them. We have several elements affiliated with climbing and in several sizes!

Do they like to go fast and twirl around? Consider a taller slide, such as the 7′ turbo slide or if they are feeling really adventurous the 9′ turbo slide is the tallest slide we offer! If they like to go fast, consider the straight tube slide or the sidewinder that has straight panels allowing them to build up speed and zip down, then they will go and do it again!

Do they want a space of their own? Our clubhouse playsets let them feel like they have a home away from home, but right in your backyard! Making the swing set useful in the wintertime and the summertime! In the cold weather, a small heater can heat that space, making it perfect for a small table or chair and a TV. Talk about a hideout! In the summertime, a fan will keep it cool and keep the imagination running!

No matter the situation, being able to build a custom swing set is the best option to have when considering a purchase! Nobody knows your kids more than you do, so build one based on their interests and desires. Check out our 3d design center and start your backyard swing set creation!