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Struggling to get your children outside to breathe fresh air? Are they stuck inside glued to video games or the tv? Well, a backyard playground is just what they need! Completely customizable to be intertwined with your kid’s personality.

Will they be pirates defending their ship or kings and queens in a castle? The possibilities are endless! A kid’s imagination is the most powerful tool they acquire at a young age, so why not let them dream and express it right in the backyard? You know your child best, so when choosing, act like you are your kids and select one that you know they will enjoy the most. Do they want a place to get away and relax as a clubhouse offers such as the C-1 Hideout? Are they adventurous and act like a monkey by climbing and hanging or are they very energetic?

Spruce up your playground with great additions! Zip down the waterfall slide with the water flowing by adding a water slide adapter, blast friends or family from the top of the tower with the water cannon, or swing into summer in a cool way with the swing beam mister! Friends are made while playing so why not create lasting friendships and memories, with these great additions it will keep your children outside all summer long! A wet n wild weekend right in the backyard with friends and family will be the highlight of the summer year after year!

A playground is more than a yard ornament, it is a destination for your kids! Create fun games for them to play such as tag, capture the flag, or create an obstacle course, the sky’s the limit! Add monkey bars for an obstacle course, or maybe even a warp wall and salmon ladder! For tag and capture the flag create a set with 2 towers to run to and from!

The fun starts with you, the parents, to design and create to turn your backyard into an experience for your children and open up a new world for them each and every day! A great way to get your children out of the house and get fresh air and sunlight!