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ASTM Approved Playground For This Community
ADA Approved Playground


After searching and searching this development found the perfect solution for the neighborhood kids’s! An ASTM approved playground is a specialty of our’s! With an in-house approved inspector we follow and meet all the guidelines the ASTM requires for a quarter of the price of a traditional metal playground!

A Load Of Fun!

Packed in every square inch they had to work with, ┬áthe kid’s are sure to love this playground! Designed completely on our 3D design center to depict exactly what they wanted! After interchanging several components and reimagining kid’s playing and bring their inner kid out they nailed down the perfect playground for them!

Starting with a double tower featuring a 7 foot and 5 foot tower loaded with fun! A large 7′ super spiral slide and side winder slide to zip down and climb back up! Also attached is a waterfall and ladder combo on the 5 foot deck to increase the fun! For the little ones we have a small monkey bar on the kiddie section because we all need to learn sometime!

Connecting the 2 towers is a 7′ bridge with a rock wall for an additional entrance point! Under the tower is a picnic table for lunch time and to relax while the kid’s build their energy back up for more outdoor fun.

When designing and building an ASTM approved playground there is several requirement’s such as railing height, but we take the hassle out and take care of the headache for you! Our design center brings your dream to life and creates a real model to change to meet your needs!