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Red vinyl swing set with two slides


You should have seen the faces of the Mile family! Jumping for joy and itching to go play on their brand-new vinyl swing set! They choose the C-10 playset for their family allowing both their children to slide and play at the same time! Great family time is spent outdoors.

Why did they choose vinyl?

This family chooses a vinyl swing set because they enjoy the simplicity and hassle-free experience that comes along with it! Our vinyl sets are basically maintenance free allowing for an easy, worry-free summer. Our vinyl has UV inhibitors meaning the sun will not make the vinyl fade making it bright and fresh for years to come! We also construct our swing sets with stainless steel bolts and lags preventing rust from forming. What makes our vinyl swing sets best, which this customer love, are the warranties! Your set is covered for twenty years which covers the lumber, vinyl, and poly lumber. Also a six-year warranty on the slides and swings!

The C-10 drew this family’s attention, having two kids, this swing set was the one for them! Featuring two avalanche slides for their children to race down and a ladder to climb right back up and do it again! The cabin is best for children, they love having a place to escape and have their friends come to hang out! The monkey bars allow the swing set to grow with their children, allowing the fun to last for years! This will be a summer to remember with many more coming!