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backyard vinyl swing set for the kid's to grow with


The Thomas family custom-designed their new backyard vinyl swing set with our 3D design center! They chose several upgrades and options that tweaked their design to what they needed! They especially loved the green and white on their swing set.

How did they come to this design?

The Thomas family started with our SK-3 design. They loved the simple mountain climber that had a ladder and a rock climb wall that their kids can burn energy on and help develop muscle, plus motor skills. They didn’t stop there, they chose to add a second level for added fun and adventure in their backyard! They added an extra two feet, which gave them the option to choose faster and taller slides for their kids to really feel the thrill.

These then led them to the seven-foot turbo slide and avalanche slide! The avalanche slide is fully open like any other traditional playground slide, but they wanted to increase the excitement for their kids. They added a clear tube panel, so the kids had all eyes on them when they rush down the slide as fast as they can!

The Thomas family is still growing as they have a little one, so they added simple fun add-ons their children can use while their imagination is still blossoming. They added the ship’s wheel and telescope as if they were pirates looking into the sea! They also added the deluxe toddler swing so the little ones can enjoy their new backyard vinyl swing set even as young as they are! The three-position swing beam means their three children can all swing at the same time and enjoy the outdoors!

Just like this family did, check out our 3D design center to customize a backyard vinyl swing set your family can enjoy and grow with! Also, check out another recent project “The Shelley’s Custom Woodgrain Vinyl Swing Set” as well as “A Vinyl Swing Set Sure To Bring A Fun Summer” to get some ideas for your new playground!