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Blue swing sets


There are many swing sets on the market, and big box stores are often the cheaper alternatives that tend to cut corners to achieve that lower price. Here at Swing Set Nation, we don’t cut corners. Our Amish-made vinyl swing sets will be more than your big box stores, but we strive for quality rather than quantity. Here are a few of the features we include on our swing sets to achieve the quality our customers deserve!

1. Structural Selected Wood

The lumber we use in our swing sets is not lower-grade material, they are structurally selected to be able to endure large amounts of weight and abuse over years of outdoor play. Made of pressure-treated 2×4’s, 2×6, 4×4 and 2×8’s we do not hesitate to overdue the structural integrity of our swing sets.

Crafted in the heart of Lancaster PA, our Amish-made vinyl swing sets are built with the highest quality to bring our customers the peace of mind that their children will be safe at all times when swinging and playing in the backyard!

2. Composite No Splintering Lumber

Everything the elements can touch is backed by warranties and is made to endure the harshness the weather can produce and stay structural and safe for years to come! All edges that can be in contact with skin or hands are rounded and sanded to keep your children safe through their time on the swing set. All vinyl corners are finished with end caps to eliminate sharp edges and cuts while enjoying outdoor play.

3. Best Warranties On The Market

Our vinyl swing sets are covered by the best warranties on the market! To the original purchaser and at the original delivery address, our swing sets come with a 20-year warranty on all PVC products and wood framing, giving the customer piece of mind they are purchasing a poly set that will last for years to come! In addition, all canopies, slides, metal components, swings, and accessories are warranted for 5 years from the date of original purchase.

Our swing sets are basically maintenance-free, with little to no hassle at all! Made with stainless steel screws and legs resisting rust and keeping your swing set clean and fresh. If your set does appear dirty, the cleaning process is as easy as it comes, a simple garden hose with window cleaners and a brush plus a rag will brighten your swing set back to its former glory!

4. Safety In Every Component

Safety is a number one priority here at Swing Set Nation! All of our Amish-made vinyl swing sets are anchored down to secure them firmly in place without the worry of moving! For monkey bars and ladders, we use 1 1/4″ galvanized steel with protective powder coating to endure the weight and maximize safety.

In addition, all slides are double wall construction to reduce flexing and cracking to provide and safe and fun experience! Each entrance has handrails and safety measures to eliminate falling, and ladders are fixed with non-slip tape to eliminate slipping and falling!


Many more safety measures to discuss, but these are a few of the important features we do to eliminate accidents. Quality is our top priority, and we achieve it for every customer! Shop Amish made vinyl swing sets plus commercial swing sets and get the fun started in your backyard!