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What Is A Maintenance Free Swing Set?


When looking for a backyard fun element, you have many options, trampolines, swimming pools, tree houses, and more. But they all require maintenance. Are you looking for something that gives you the peace at mind that it won’t constantly need upkeep and attention? A maintenance free swing set is just what you need!


What Makes It Maintenance Free?

Our vinyl swing set’s come with many great features, from designing your own to having little to worry about. The base of our swing set’s come down to the framing. Most swing set’s on the market are exposed wood, primarily cedar, requiring maintenance year after year. Maintenance including staining, repairing and fixing, wood will rot and most wood swing set’s are kit set’s meaning budget friendly but lacking the lasting quality.

Our swing set’s are made of pressure treated lumber, engineered to with stand stress from swinging, and weight greater than a child’s weight! On the exterior is what make’s it a maintenance free swing set, the vinyl is commercial grade resisting scratches and able to take a beating children are known to give! Also a very great feature, the vinyl is UV resistant which mean’s it withstands the sun and doesn’t fade like some vinyl products, keeping your swing set looking great for years and years!

What else makes it maintenance free? Well while budget swing set’s on the market do not use stainless steel hardware or if they do they are low quality and tend the break upon screwing together. With us we use true, stainless steel lags that are strong enough to withstand the weight of multiple children swinging and playing. Resisting rust and keeping your swing set looking sharp!

For the decking we use composite decking, what makes composite decking so great? Unlike wood which deteriorates and splinters over time, composite decking stays true to its size. Does not rot, decay, swell up, crack, split, etc. it stays vibrant and safe for years and years.

So when searching for a maintenance free swing set, research what the materials are and the end product. True maintenance free entails quality materials that lead to a safe long lasting result! Check out our maintenance free swing sets here and discover the ease of backyard play!