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What Are The Best Swing Sets For Older Children?
Best Swing Set's For Older Children


When searching for swing sets for older children, there is a bunch to consider to keep them entertained and interested! Let’s lay out some of the features to consider and include in your backyard swing set!


Large Slides & Towers Bring The Fun

When designing a swing set for older children, consider larger slides and towers that increase the fun and intensity! First off, start with a larger tower, either choose a double deck that includes a 5-foot and 7-foot deck height or starts off with a single 7-foot deck height instead of the standard 5! Starting with a higher deck height will allow for taller slides from the beginning! You can also add a 9′ deck extension to the tower for an even taller slide!

Next comes the slides, ask yourself this question, “Do my kids like to go fast or twirl around?” The answer to that question will help determine which slide to go with. For children that like to go fast, we had the tunnel express, which is exactly as it sounds, a tunnel slide! Fully enclosed and straight as an arrow allowing your kids to build up speed and shoot out the bottom, ready to do it again! For kids liking to twirl around, and also saves space, we offer the turbo slide and super spiral slide. The turbo and super spiral slides are compact, saving space in the backyard, but still allowing for an immense amount of fun! The difference is the turbo slide is fully enclosed and the super spiral is wide open!

For kids wanting the best of both worlds, we offer the sidewinder slide! This slide features a ninety-degree spiral slide then goes straight like the tunnel express, best for customers who don’t have much width but have a fair amount of length!


Athletic or Just Wanting Alone Space?

We offer options for attic children to hone their skills or options for children who just want a space to read and have their own space in the backyard, which one is your child?


For athletic children, we offer different styles of sports options and challenges for them! Starting with the quarterback challenge! Attached right to the swing beam, it features 3 different-sized tires fixed with nets to catch the footballs, this challenges your children’s ability to hit the mark as if passing to a wide receiver downfield!

Secondly, we offer buzzer beater hoops, and a basketball challenge to make the perfect shot! Every sport-loving child sees their favorite athlete in person or on television and wants to be like them, let your children practice their skills on their swing set! Featuring a built-in hoop with netting underneath to catch the basketballs and roll them back to the player!

The best swing sets for older children always have monkey bars! Challenging your children to hold on as long as possible, also increases your child’s motor skills and muscles! Choose between adding them to your swing beam to having them separate on your swing set!

Just Wanting Alone Space

Older children want to branch out and have a space of their own to read a book, hang out with friends, or just chill. A playhouse swing set might just be what they are looking for!

We offer 2 styles of playhouses, a traditional cabin with a porch out of the front, perfect for adding access and a slide! Or a cabin with a wrap-around porch, the cottage style! Depending on your budget and style they are both perfect for your child to explore the possibilities!

Consider adding a lemonade stand under the tower! The lemonade stand features a shelf-like stand under the tower and is complete with 2 stools or more if desired. The lemonade stand is perfect for reading a book while enjoying the cool breeze in the shade under the tower, eating lunch outside, or even just hanging out and talking with friends!


No matter the age of your child, we can certainly create swing sets for older children! With many different features and combinations to design, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating backyard fun. Head over to our 3d design center to get started on creating the perfect backyard swing set! Also check out a commercial swing set, great for schools, churches, community centers and more!