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The Ultimate Blue Vinyl Swing Set
Vinyl Swing Set


Look at the crazy slides, and bright colors on this blue vinyl swing set! We can only imagine the fun that this swing set will bring to the neighborhood kid’s in this community! With great additional fun items the fun will never stop!

What made them choose this swing set?

This community chose this swing set because they loved the adventurous aspects that came along with it! But what set did they choose? They chose the SK-40 Rocky Mountain Climber, a beautiful blue vinyl swing set packed to the gills with fun!

Featuring three levels maximizing the fun! Starting off with our mountain climber in the center that features a rock wall and rope wall on one side then a ladder with a hand rail plus a five foot avalanche slide. This is a great entrance point to the swing set! On both sides it steps up to a seven foot platform that raises the fun to new heights on this blue vinyl swing set! One side features a large seven foot sidewinder slide that brings the rush to  the kids as they slide down. On the back side of the seven foot platform there is a seven foot turbo slide that twists and turns bringing smiles as they zip down the slide!

On the other seven foot tower on this large swing set there is a tall seven foot avalanche slide allowing the riders to raise there hands when they slide down as fast as they want! Raising the bar even higher is a ten foot swing beam, way up in the air. Featuring any swing’s you want, this community chose belt swings so numerous kid’s can all swing at once!