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How To Choose The Perfect Swing Set
Best Vinyl Swing Set's


Choosing the right Playset for your children comes down to five questions!

Safety and Construction

Safety should be your number one concern! When shopping for a swing set or playset, don’t cut corners and go with a cheap playset to save a dollar. This is an item your children will be playing with almost every day when the sun is shining! Here at Backyard Escapes safety is our number one priority! Our vinyl playsets are made with pressure-treated lumber which is structurally selected to withstand large amounts of weight, wrapped in smooth vinyl so no sharp or rough edges! We then add heavy-duty braces and brackets plus added safety features in the form of handrails to all playsets! All corners are sanded down to a rounded smooth corner for all PVC composite materials! We finish the swing set with stainless steel anchors to ensure your swing set will not move!

Location Is Key

Choosing the right size is the next step! Don’t take up your entire yard, choose a pre-designed playset or design a playset that fits best for your needs! Be sure to remember to leave room for your children to run around the playset! You want to be sure to stay clear of property lines, fences, trees, power supplies, etc. Also consider your ground levelness, placing your playset in a level place in your yard is very important! Choose a spot in your yard to keep an eye on your children, such as a kitchen window or straight out from your deck!

Choose A Swing Set That Fits Your Childs Age

Many of our playsets have various fun items, be sure to design your playset based on your child’s age! All children love spacious cabins such as the C-1 Hideout or the C-10 Hideout, as it is an escape from home! Smaller children tend to gravitate more towards smaller fun items such as a telescope or ship’s wheel, as older kid’s like monkey bars, rock walls, or rope walls. If you have multiple children, consider having two slides like the KC-7 Deluxe! Keep in mind though, this is an investment, purchase a playset that your children can grow into as our Playsets will last for years to come!

Remember Their Interests

Purchase a playset that reflects your child’s personality! If they are adventurous and like to jump and swing, consider a rope wall, possibly the warp wall or salmon ladder for extreme fitness and activities such as the KC-8 Deluxe! If they want a space to just hang out with friends and feel like they are away from home, consider a playset with a cabin or a clubhouse underneath such as the KC-1 Clubhouse! Show creativity when choosing your playset as your kids will do the same in your backyard!

Choose A Reliable Builder

Here at Backyard Escapes, we strive to be transparent with our customers! We are a family-owned business and treat every customer as if we were making the purchase ourselves. Quality is key as if it were our playset or swing set! Our vinyl playsets, are backed with a 20-year warranty that covers the pressure-treated lumber, and all PVC products giving you the peace of mind that your playset will be enjoyed for many years to come! Discover why customers have trusted us with our backyard playsets and swing sets for years!