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Best Options For Your Commercial Dog Kennel
Commercial Dog Kennel


When searching for a custom prefab commercial dog kennel, there are many options to consider! We are going to highlight just a few of the most popular ones!

Floor Drains

Stainless steel floor drains are the most popular addition to any outdoor kennel! For a commercial kennel, the functionality is supreme to the rest! The ease of spraying the interior run of the kennel down and the mess-free experience are unmatched! Rust-free stainless steel drain mounted into the floor with plumbing underneath for easy connection to a septic system! A great combination for your dog kennel is the stainless steel floor drains with an interior hose port for easy hose hookup!


Have total control of your dog kennel! Choose either a through-the-wall unit for smaller kennels or a mini split unit for larger kennels! Temperature control is key when dog boarding to please the dogs and settle them down to the environment! These units come pre-installed and require the electric package!

6ga Welded Wire Panels

Our 6ga welded wire panels are the most popular fencing option for a commercial dog kennel! Great peace of mind knowing the dogs will be secure in the kennel!

Exhaust Fan

We all know you don’t want the smell that comes with dog boarding! An interior exhaust fan cures just that! Mounted in the gable of the kennel choose between a 12″ or 16″. Fixed with a screen and closing metal flaps ensures no insects will come in!

Puppy Whelping Nest’s

Fixed into the floor choose between hot water or electric-heated whelping nests for your commercial kennel! Controlled by a mounted control panel, change the temperature with ease! Puppies have to be kept at a certain temperature, this option takes the hassle out of dog breeding!

Commercial Sink

Our commercial-style sink resists stains and scratches plus allows you to easily keep your kennel clean! Add an electric water heater or upgrade to an on-demand water heater!

Stainless Steel Feeder Bowls

Enjoy the ease of stainless steel feeder bowls built into the chain link door on your kennel! Secured so the dogs cannot move around and disturb them! Easy to remove to feed and clean with a simple clamp! Add these to your commercial kennel!

Divider Panel’s

Dogs can get pretty nasty with each other, so add this to your kennel! Divider panels for the interior and exterior are 4′ high and eliminate the dogs from being able to see each other! Calming and soothing the dogs lowers the amount of barking significantly!


So when customizing your prefab commercial dog kennel, consider these options! Making your life easier and nicer for your furry guests! Check out our dog kennels here!