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Consider when creating a backyard swing set


So, are you ready to bring the fun to your backyard? We love to make the process as easy as it can be for you, so we have highlighted a few tips to consider when you create a backyard swing set to make sure you have all the bases covered!

Get The Most Out of Your Space

The first question you should ask yourself is, “How much room do I have.” The best thing to do is dedicate a space in your yard for your swing set. This will be one of your backyard centerpieces, one that brightens the yard and space. All of our pre-designed sets have the exact measurements needed for that particular set, even though this is the area the swing set takes up, be sure to leave extra room for safety zones such as 6′ from every entrance and exit of the swing set. For example 6′ at the bottom of the slide or ladder. If you are designing in our 3d design center, we have a button solely dedicated to the measurements of the swing set! This gives you the overall height, width, and length of your creation!

Consider Maintenance-Free and Safety

When you create a backyard swing set or consider a swing set period, your first thought should be of safety and the Maintenance that will come along with it. A vinyl swing set is the way to go! Summertime is peak outdoor play time, meaning the sun is baking and the air is hot. Our vinyl swing sets maintain the temperature your children will touch, meaning no burns or harmful heat to the touch. Not only will it stay cool, but there will also be no splintering or shards that will cut your child! Minimal maintenance means no hassle or worries, a simple power wash brightens your swing set back to the day you bought it!

Safety is our top priority, from how our swing sets are built to the safety measures we follow up with! Such as every entrance to your swing set is equipped with either hand grips, rails, or handrails. As parents we know kids are adventurous and think they are superman that can’t get hurt, we take the extra step to ensure you have nothing to worry about on our swing sets!

Don’t Let The Fun Stop

Our swing sets are very versatile, able to provide a space for your kids to enjoy on hot summer days, cool nights, and even the winter time! On hot summer days, consider adding the swing beam mister, water cannon, or water slide adapter to cool off and let kids be kids while having fun in the backyard! Our playhouses are the best investments! On cool nights, kids have their own space to run away with friends or family and enjoy while thinking they have their own place. In the winter, they are perfect for a small heater making the space very versatile for whatever climate you are enduring!

So when you create a backyard swing set, consider these three tips to get the most out of your budget and size, so your kids have a summer and childhood to remember! Shop our vinyl swing sets here or check out our 3d design center to show your creativity and watch it unfold in your backyard!