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Just Bought A Custom Swing Set, So What’s Next?


Just purchased your own custom swing set? Congratulations, your kids will be stoked when they see it come to life in the backyard! You have to be wondering what comes next, right? Well, here we are going to outline what will be happening and coming in the future as you prepare for backyard fun to begin!



As soon as we receive the order, a member of our team will reach out to confirm everything is correct on your order. If you custom-designed a set with our 3d design center, a team member will reach out with a price. Once purchased we will call to verify that you liked everything on the swing set, such as the color scheme as it can either complement or stick out from your existing backyard color scheme! Most importantly the swings, why else call it a swing set if you don’t have swings? Once we receive your confirmation that everything is correct on your custom swing set, we will move forward with the building process!



As easy as it may sound, the construction of our swing sets can be time-consuming! Since we offer our 3d design center and custom swing sets, we love to do out-of-the-box designs! Due to this, building our swing sets can take longer than usual, depending on how complicated your design is. Once the order is placed, a team member will reach out with a construction time frame. Depending on the time of year, the time frame can vary. Searching for a swing set in early spring? Expect a lead time of around 3-5 weeks. Maybe searching in late spring or early summer, we call this our busy season, which typically puts the lead time to 8-10 weeks. Our lead time changes very frequently, so expect a call from our team with an estimated time frame so you can make the necessary preparations!


Delivery Details

Not only can the construction process be complicated, but the delivery aspect is also too! Our swing sets are made of high-quality pressure-treated lumber, commercial-grade vinyl, metal supports, and composite decking, which leads to our custom swing sets being very very heavy! When we get closer to the delivery and installation time frame, a team member will reach out to get a feel for the placement situation of your new swing set! We ask that all items are out of the way, such as vehicles, fences, tree branches, furniture, etc. to make the delivery process as seamless and quick as possible because we don’t like to keep the fun waiting!



As we get closer to delivery time, a team member will reach out with a date and projected time we will arrive, then comes the time we have all been waiting for, the installation of your custom masterpiece, just what your children have been waiting for! As our crew arrives, we will meet and discuss the placement of your custom swing set. We will give you tips and suggestions on the placement to improve functionality and looks! Typical install time is 1-2 hrs, depending on how complicated your swing set is. Double towers usually take between 2-4 hours and commercial playgrounds take between 4-6, also depending on the size! Once we are done, we are out of your hair to let the backyard adventure begin!

So as highlighted here, we like to make the buying process for a custom swing set as easy as possible! No tricky sales tactics, or complicated installation, we try to be as hassle-free as possible. Check out our pre-designed swing sets here or our 3d design center here, to bring the fun to your backyard!