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How A Backyard Playset Can Benefit Your Child


How can a backyard playset benefit your kids? A playset improves mental and physical health plus creates and enriches current friendships

Improve Mental Health

During the week kids spend most of their time indoors! Creating a fun outdoor swing set will give your children a break after school or midday which will greatly improve their attention span and learning ability, per a study found in 2016. 

Experiencing a break in the form of outdoor play also improves children’s behavior and ability to stay on task. Per a study, teachers found children pay attention and receive more information with a 10-15 minute outdoor activity break!

By engaging on an outdoor playset, reduce of stress is also associated. According to the American Physiological Association, stress can have serious health consequences. A backyard playset reduces stress and improves brain functionality!

The National Academy of Medicine published a report, showing the benefits of physical activity on children’s cognitive health and academic success. Less than half of U.S. students are getting the 60-minute daily outdoor activity requirement!

So regular outdoor exercise with a backyard playset, benefits not only at home but in class as well!

Improve Physical Health

Today’s kids spend on average 7 hours a day in front of screens such as phones, tablets, tv, etc. Get your children outdoors with a wood or vinyl playset! Children who play outside have a lower risk of developing obesity. Climbing the warp wall or salmon ladder on the KC-8 Deluxe playset, or the Rockwall and Rope wall on the SK-18 Playset, elevates heart rate and blood flow providing adequate and fun outdoor play!

Another great benefit to adding a backyard playset is providing your child with natural vitamin D3, boosting their immune system and necessary for bone and muscle growth!

Outdoor play with a great playset improves and builds your child’s ability to run fast, jump, skip, climb, and hop! Improving motor skills in every aspect! Introducing them to sports with the buzzer-beater hoops basketball game and football throw contest on the RL-3 Sports Tower playset!

Grow Your Children’s Social Skills

playset, build and grow’s friendships right in your backyard! Friendly neighborhood children coming and letting their imagination run wild with your children! Will they be pirates on a pirate ship, a knight or princess in a castle, or soldier in a fort? Imagination is a key ingredient in your child’s development!

Learning how to solve problems and communicate with others broadens their willfulness to expand their friend groups and meet new kids! Also introducing them to important life skills early on!

So How Much Should Your Child Be Outside?

Per the CDC recommended guidelines!

  • Recommended 60-120 minutes per day of aerobic exercise such as walking, running, or anything that makes their blood pressure rise and exercises their heart!
  • Include muscle strengthening such as climbing on a Rockwall, rope wall, monkey bar, and more!
  • Include bone-strengthening exercises such as jumping or running!


Explore our quality Amish-built Wood Playset or our Vinyl Playset, and see the benefits your children make and the smiles to come when they swing and slide in your own backyard!