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Delivery Options for Sheds & Other Backyard Structures


delivering a shed

Truck Delivery with Hydraulic Trailer

Most of our buildings are delivered on a 1-ton truck. We load the structure on a hydraulic trailer. Our delivery team will need adequate clearance to your desired site. We back the truck to where you want your building, then use the hydraulic trailer to softly unload your building and secure it in place.

We like to have a clearing of at least 15 feet wide by 15 feet high. Tree branches, power lines and roof overhangs that are too close to the site can make it difficult to deliver your building.


delivering a shed

Mule Delivery

If your site is not accessible for trailer delivery, we can often use our Mule Shed Mover to maneuver in tight spaces. Using this small, but mighty machine, we can wheel your structure right onto your prepared site without a truck or trailer.

setting up a shed

Built on Site

If truck delivery or mule delivery is not possible, we may need to build your structure onsite. We will deliver your shed in kit form and our delivery crew will assemble it on your prepared site.


stone pad

Site Preparation

We recommend placing your new building on a level area in your yard. Not only will this keep your building structurally sound, but it will also make your new structure look pleasing in your backyard. You can either prepare the area on your own or hire a contractor to handle this task for you.

Please have fifteen to twenty 4″x8″ x 16″ cement blocks ready for us to place under your structure when we deliver your building. All of our buildings are built on pressure-treated 4″x4″ runners. These runners can be place directly on the ground if you prefer not to use cement blocks.