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A Complete Guide To Buying A Kid’s Playhouse
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The truth is that it can be difficult to find an outdoor playhouse that meets all of your requirements. When selecting something ideal for you, your garden, and the children playing in it, there are several factors to consider. Making a decision can be challenging, given all these circumstances.

Fortunately, we’re here to assist you with this thorough guide on picking the best playhouse. This article will review every factor you should consider while selecting a garden playhouse. But before that, let’s discuss why you should buy a playhouse.

Why should you buy a playhouse?

We guarantee that purchasing an ideal pirate ship playhouse will change your life. Imagine having the ideal playhouse in your backyard. Your kids will play outside for hours while using their creativity to the fullest. They will spend less time swiping at a tablet or smartphone or staring at the TV.

Your kids will be happier, more physically active, and in better health due to all the outdoor play. Because the kids now have a place to go and expend all their energy, you are happier and more at ease. A playhouse purchase benefits the entire family. Choosing the right playhouse for your children

Here are important factors you need to pay attention to when buying a playhouse

1. Age

Each playhouse has a designated age range that will be noted on the box and instructions, such as 1 to 4 years, 3 to 8 years, 3 to 12 years, etc. Your children’s ages will influence your decision and whether you intend to replace the item in the future.

There are several playhouse designs and part varieties to choose from that can be matched to your kids’ motor capabilities and developmental stage. The playhouse will have extra features to promote creative play as the child ages. Some flat-pack playhouses can be customized, making them ideal for aspiring builders. Do not let small children play unaccompanied as a safety measure. Children under eight are more vulnerable to falls; thus, caution is essential.

2. Material

Playhouses generally come in various materials. The most common materials include vinyl, wood, or plastic. These materials are strong enough to endure the outdoors.

Wooden and vinyl playhouses are beautiful, sturdy, and simple to install. They typically last your kids for many years rather than just a few seasons because they are larger than plastic playhouses. They do require routine upkeep. But a wooden or vinyl playhouse can be easily customized while being maintained. This means that this year’s pink princess castle may easily transform into the covert superhero lair with just a little bit of paint the following year.

Playhouses made of plastic are also simple to install. They are best suited for young children and are rapidly outgrown because they are typically smaller than wooden or vinyl playhouses and have a lower head height. A variety of vibrant colors are available for plastic playhouses. However, these colors will fade in the sun, and the playhouse will eventually seem worn out.

They don’t need to be maintained and can be quickly cleaned with a pressure washer. They are made of sturdy, interlocking plastic panels; if broken, they are challenging to fix.

3. Roof type

There are more factors to consider than aesthetics when choosing a roof type for your playhouse. Consider the height; how tall should it be so your children won’t outgrow it too soon? Do you require additional toy storage space? Is there anything in your garden that could limit the playhouse’s height?

The two types of playhouse roofs: Dutch barn and apex. Apex roofs contain two panels that slope from front to back or side to side, giving them a classic “A”shape appearance. They provide lots of headroom and let rainwater readily drain. Four panels form an arched shape on Dutch barn roofs, giving them a distinctive appearance. The playhouse has lots of headroom as a result.

4. Size and shape

Pirate ship playhouses come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Generally, bigger is preferable, especially if you intend for your children to enjoy the playhouse for many years. It is important to consider where you will place the playhouse before selecting the largest playhouse you can afford.

Traditional tower and two-storey playhouse shapes are some of the most common. Traditional playhouses were typically one-storey structures. They function nicely in tiny courtyards and gardens. Traditional playhouses are ideal for smaller children because there are no ladders or stairs to worry about.

Tower playhouses are perched on stilts above the ground. Children can climb an exterior ladder to enter the playhouse, and the top floor has a wonderful view. Tower playhouses are highly popular because they offer a sizable area underneath that may be utilized as a play area with shade or for storing toys. Two-storey Playhouses are divided into two levels accessed via an interior ladder. While the total height of the building is higher than a single-storey model, the upstairs "room" is marginally smaller than the ground level.

5. Safety features

The safety of the playhouse remains uncompromised. You require a playhouse that meets all of the following criteria to keep your kids safe:

  • Door safety hinges
  • Wood that has been smoothed and planed to prevent splinters
  • Windows made of shatterproof styrene
  • Non-slip stairways
  • EN71 Safety Testing Standards require a 12mm space surrounding doors to prevent fingers from becoming caught.


6. Playhouse maintenance

Your pirate ship playhouse will be shielded from weather damage and kept in fantastic condition with a little TLC once a year. Plastic playhouses don’t need to be treated annually, but they do need to be pressure washed to get the dirt and algae off.

The preservative effectively becomes a part of the timber, extending its lifespan and providing effective rot protection. Pressure-treated garden buildings come with anti-rot guarantees lasting up to 15 years, saving you time and money by eliminating the need to purchase and apply the treatment every year.

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