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Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Purchase Used Commercial Playground
large commercial playgrounds


Schools, childcare facilities, and other institutions that provide services to children constantly seek methods to reduce costs whenever they can. Some organizations that support children try to cut costs by buying used playground equipment.

By purchasing this kind of commercial playground equipment, the administrators may have saved the organization a small amount of money, but they may also be endangering the safety of the kids who will be using the equipment.

Used playground equipment may have flaws that are both evident and subtle. If you’re considering purchasing used large commercial playgrounds equipment, keep reading this article as we discuss the risks of purchasing used commercial playground equipment and why it is not really a good move.

1. The structures are more likely damaged

Kids can be hard on playground equipment; that much is obvious. They frequently use it and climb all over it in ways that aren’t meant. Even well-maintained equipment is nevertheless subject to the elements. Even the best playground equipment begins to wear out and can sustain damage over time.

This can involve little faults like missing screws or major ones like missing components. Because some damage is invisible, if you choose to buy used commercial playground equipment, you may be unaware of potential problems. Children may be put in danger if damaged equipment eventually completely breaks. The next child who uses a step that has lost its grip or a slide with a loose screw runs the risk of breaking it and injuring themselves.

Without mentioning the strain placed on a play system when it is relocated from one location and reinstalled in another, you cannot understand the real condition of used equipment. Moving outdated equipment without inflicting more damage is quite challenging.

2. The equipment might have been constructed using poor standards of materials

Large commercial playgrounds are not all made equal. Although most new, child-safe playground equipment is created today using high quality materials, older equipment may not necessarily be built of such materials. Older playground equipment can have been painted with lead, which harms children and adults. Equipment made of wood might have been treated with harmful substances that kids’ skin can come into contact with. It is impossible to determine the precise materials utilized to construct old playground equipment, let alone if such materials are risky or safe for kids.

3. Safety standards might be outdated

Regular safety checks should be conducted on all commercial playgrounds. Playground safety rules and regulations are often revised. As a result, you can buy secondhand commercial playground equipment that was regarded as safe when it was first produced but no longer adhere to safety regulations. Small but significant changes can be made to safety regulations, such as a slight variation in the minimum distance between fences or the depth at which posts must be buried. It can be quite difficult to
determine whether the old equipment you are purchasing is still regarded as safe unless you are a Certified Playground Safety Inspector.

Children run the danger of harm when using outdated equipment. You run the danger of being sued or receiving complaints as well. It may cost you more to retrofit a used machine than to buy new equipment because fixing safety problems on used equipment can be extremely expensive. If you repair outdated equipment using parts other than those made by the original manufacturer, you could be held responsible for any injuries, which can be very costly in the long run.

4. You may end up choosing one that's not age appropriate.

It is quite evident that a toddler should not use a piece of equipment designed for a six-year-old. Older playground equipment frequently isn’t designed for any age group. While some of the equipment may seem safe for young children to play on, other parts are unquestionably dangerous. An organization is taking a risk by permitting kids to use a piece of secondhand playground equipment that might be too high or otherwise inappropriate for their motor skills.

5. You risk buying equipment with expired warranty

Buying brand-new playground equipment from a reputable and accredited source usually comes with a warranty. The warranty will probably cover any repairs or replacement parts needed for the gadget. If something happens to the playground equipment, a warranty will safeguard you. However, warranties aren’t transferred when the equipment is sold, so secondhand equipment is never covered by one, and you lose that extra layer of security. With a used unit, you’ll be responsible for covering any repairs out of your cash. So you could end up using more money.

6. It’s not worth it.

Children can play, explore, and be active on large commercial playgrounds. Spend the time and money necessary to develop a business playground correctly by investing in new machinery. Your contribution improves not only the neighborhood’s safety but also that of the kids. Used playground equipment just carries too much risk and uncertainty, and the price of children’s safety is not worth it.

Final thoughts

There you have it- the risks of buying used large commercial playgrounds equipment. As you can see, these risks are very significant and you cannot afford to ignore them. These risks can cause you extreme loses in the long run, making it not worth it to purchase used commercial playground equipment. So if you’re planning to purchase playground equipment, it’s a wise decision to purchase a brand new one.

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