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Turtle Hideaway

Turtle Hideaway


Product Details:

Overall Dimensions: 22’ w x 27’ d x 12’ h Weight: 3,270 lbs
Color: Almond PVC, Red and Yellow Accents
Tower: 5’ x 5’
Deck Height: 5’
Access: ADA Transfer Station, Tower Mounting Ladder
Roof: 5’ x 5’ Vinyl
Climber: NOC Climber 5’
Slides: (2) 3’ Sidewinder Slides, 5’ Angle Slide, 10’ Avalanche Slide
Fun Items: (2) Bubble Panels
Items: 5’ x 5’ Clubhouse Decking, (2) 5’ x 5’ Clubhouse Walls with Window
Anchors: (2)

2022 Prices. Today’s material cost fluctuate due to market conditions. We strive to offer the best price without lowering our quality. The price you see may not be accurate. We encourage you to make the purchase and we will notify you of any price changes.

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