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Turtle Hideaway

Turtle Hideaway


Product Details:

Overall Dimensions: 22’ w x 27’ d x 12’ h Weight: 3,270 lbs
Color: Almond PVC, Red and Yellow Accents
Tower: 5’ x 5’
Deck Height: 5’
Access: ADA Transfer Station, Tower Mounting Ladder
Roof: 5’ x 5’ Vinyl
Climber: NOC Climber 5’
Slides: (2) 3’ Sidewinder Slides, 5’ Angle Slide, 10’ Avalanche Slide
Fun Items: (2) Bubble Panels
Items: 5’ x 5’ Clubhouse Decking, (2) 5’ x 5’ Clubhouse Walls with Window
Anchors: (2)

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