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Quality Swing Sets

Premium Outdoor Swing Sets

Here at Swing Set Nation, we build the strongest and most durable swing sets on the market, which is why we refer to our play structures as a lifetime swing set. But why you may ask? Well our playsets are designed to not only fulfill their need during your kids childhood but to also even be there for the grand kids! 

Our maintenance free vinyl playsets are made with the highest grade materials and with right care they will last for years and years. Kid’s desire an outdoor area they can call their own, so why not adventure into the world of outdoor play? A strong playset for kids to play on can open a new world to your children, explore the strongest playgrounds on the market here at Swing Set nation! 

We Take Pride in Quality and Safety

When it comes to a structure your kids will be hanging, climbing, sliding and more from, it’s best to ensure it is up to the challenge. Your kids safety is a top priority, that is why we build our swing sets with the best materials on the market. From specifically chosen lumber to ensure there are no stress fractures or imperfections that could cause the lumber to fail, to heavy duty brackets and lags for peace at mind the towers or swing beams with resist the weight, we have thought of it all! You can rest assured with a vinyl lifetime swing set, your kids will be safe and sound while playing in the backyard. We even take it one step further, to ensure there are not any rigid or sharp edges, we sand down all the edges of the deck boards and railing to a smooth and curved edge. The big and little things are all taken care when you trust us for outdoor play! 

A Lifetime Swing Set with a Strong Warranty

In addition to the quality of our swing sets, we back them by an industry leading warranty! Our vinyl swing sets are covered by a 20 year warranty on the majority of components. This includes the pressure treated lumber, the vinyl exterior, all composite elements such as decking and railing. With proper care, your swing set can outlast the warranty by years, you will have the peace at mind this will be the last swing set you will have to by! 

We Deliver and Install Our Swing Sets

Unlike big box stores, we delivery and install our lifetime swing sets all across the continental United States. Don’t worry about multiple boxes showing up to your front door, filled with millions of pre cut parts that never want to go fit together correctly. Leave the swing set kit behind and choose us, Swing Set Nation, for a worry and hassle free experience. Our professional crew will take the headache away so you can free up that weekend and get back to family time! A typical swing set installation can take between 1-3 hours for smaller swing sets while larger swing sets or swing sets with rubber mulch can take up to 6 hours to install. However, no matter the size of your lifetime swing set, our crew can handle it! 

The installation process is very simple from the customers end. You will receive phone call from a member of our team with an installation date and time frame. When the day of delivery arrives, all you need to do is point our crew where on your property you’d like it to be built. That is how simple and hassle free we make the process! 

lifetime playsets

We Love Customizing

Build Your Dream Swing Set

Do you love a pre-designed swing set but want to tweak it little bit? Maybe you have a tight yard and need it to fit properly, well here at Swing Set Nation we make it possible to build the ultimate swing set for your children. Let’s be honest, you know your kids best, so why not have the ability to curate their backyard swing set to tailor their interests?  Also another great perk to our 3D design center is you have control over your budget! You can add and delete playground elements to get your budget exactly where you want it to be. 

No need to dust off your imagination, you can see your kids swing set come to life piece by piece in real time. View from multiple angles to ensure everything is placed exactly where you’d like it! Start designing your kids dream swing set today and let their imagination run wild in the backyard! 

Taking Playtime to New Heights

Our goal for each person, big or small is to play on our equipment without fear of getting hurt. We deliver strong, high quality products to ensure safety is priority #1. 

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Nationwide shipment
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