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Commercial Playground Equipment

We Provide Safe Playgrounds for Worry Free Playtime

ADA Playground Equipment

Safe playground equipment for sale is essential for ensuring that children can play, explore, and learn without unnecessary risks. It provides a secure environment where kids can develop their physical abilities, social skills, and creativity.

With properly maintained equipment, cushioned surfaces, and thoughtful design, a safe commercial playground minimizes the chance of injuries, giving parents peace of mind. It fosters confidence in children, allowing them to push their limits and grow in a supportive space. Ultimately, a safe playground is a cornerstone of a healthy, happy community, where children’s well-being and joyful play are prioritized.

Here at Swing Set Nation, we follow all ASTM and ADA playground equipment standards to ensure a safe and sturdy play area. Trust us to bring worry free playtime to your community! 

commercial playground equipment for sale
Custom commercial playground for a housing community complete with rubber mulch and flex wall border.

How the Process Works


A member of our staff will have a one on one meeting with you to discuss the budget, area allotted, and key features you desire in your commercial Swing Set!

Design Creation

We will create a custom play area designed to fit into your space and budget that will maximize the fun and excitement while also meeting safety requirements!


Our skilled amish craftsmen will begin to build your custom playground to the utmost quality to ensure a long lasting, strong, and beautiful playground to admire!

Delivery & Set-Up

Our professional delivery and installation crew will arrive and assemble your new playground in your desired location, ensuring everything is set as intended and safe!

Commercial Play Set Do's & Don'ts


  • Surfacing: Provide a cushioned fall area with rubber mulch, turf, or other adequate surface. 
  • Age Appropriate Design: Incorporate larger and smaller design elements to ensure all age groups can enjoy the playground.
  • Supervision: Even though our commercial play sets are safe, it is still best to keep a watchful eye on your children.
  • Cleaning: Our commercial swing sets are low maintenance, however it is best to keep it clean of debris to ensure utmost safety!
commercial play sets and swing sets for sale
Compact commercial play set for a daycare


  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance cannot be neglected such as power washing as well as ensuring all swings are connected securely after numerous months of use!
  • Exclude Inclusive Elements: Excluding inclusive elements such as a wheel chair ramp can prevent children from enjoying commercial playground equipment. Ensure the play area has adequate access points. 
  • Rough Materials:  Avoid using materials that have sharp or rigid edges (or could become so) to ensure outdoor play continues day!
large commercial swing set with rubber mulch

What is the Best Surfacing for a Commercial Swing Set?

When considering which surfacing may be the right choice for your commercial swing set, rubber mulch may be the best choice out there! But why? 

Rubber mulch may be more expensive than traditional wood mulch but it has several qualities that make it a great investment long term. Rubber mulch has way more shock absorption than traditional wood mulch resulting in you need way less of it, we mean inches less of it! 

Like rubber mulch, wood mulch may look great at the beginning but you will soon realize it will compact and decompose very quickly over the years. Not rubber mulch, it will retain its vibrant color and durability throughout years and years of sitting outside to the elements. 

Best of all, it comes in several colors to really set off your commercial playground equipment and the surrounding area. It is also 100% recycled, contributing to waste reduction, and does not stain the children’s clothing nor does it result is splinters potentially harming the users. 

Protect your Commercial Play Area Further

Looking to keep your play area perfect throughout the many years of use ahead of it? Well a landing pad can help retain the smoothness of the rubber mulch and the appeal the commercial play set has.

As children swing back and forth on the freestanding swing frame they tend to drag their feet which creates divots or ruts at the bottom. To prevent this, add a landing pad which helps prolong the creation of that hole. Overtime they may need to be reset but it will prolong the wear the mulch receives under the pad.

This pad is also great to put at the bottom of the slides. As children swoop along the slide, gaining speed, and shooting out at the bottom. Naturally, your feet slow your speed at the bottom which in turn pushes the rubber mulch away from the landing area. Placing this pad will help alleviate the need to reset the mulch! 

great options for commercial playsets

Where does a Commercial Swing Set Fit Best?

A commercial playground is a vibrant oasis of joy and laughter, bringing communities together in the most delightful way. It’s a magical place where children can unleash their imaginations, climb to new heights, and make lifelong friends. These playgrounds provide a safe and engaging environment where kids can develop essential physical and social skills while having endless fun. Beyond just play, they foster a sense of community, as families gather, share moments, and build connections. The infectious giggles and boundless energy radiating from a well-designed commercial playground are a testament to the happiness and unity they inspire, making them an invaluable asset to any neighborhood.

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Adventure into the world of Commercial Playground Equipment!

For the perfect blend of safety, fun, and inclusivity, choose our commercial playground equipment. Designed with quality and care, our playgrounds bring communities together and create lasting memories for children. Contact us today to learn how we can transform your space into a joyful haven for play!

Taking Playtime to New Heights

Our goal for each person, big or small is to play on our equipment without fear of getting hurt. We deliver strong, high quality products to ensure safety is priority #1. 

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